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Chiefs QB Alex Smith Impressed with WR Jason Avant

Avant has impressed teammates in a short amount of time

The Chiefs signed veteran receiver Jason Avant back on November 21, and he's played in just two games since arriving in Kansas City (Denver, Arizona).

In those two games, Avant has seven receptions on 11 targets with 94 yards receiving. It's impressive what he's done in such a limited time. 

Granted, the seven years he spent with Chiefs coach Andy Reid in Philadelphia have undoubtedly helped him grasp the playbook a little faster than others without that same familiarity, but it's his work ethic that has really jumped out to his teammates.


"He's done a great job coming in on short notice," quarterback Alex Smith said. "He has the history of the offense there in Philly, but obviously ours is different here. He's done a great job of coming in and getting the mental part of it – coming in and being prepared when his number is called and then going out there and making plays."

Smith continued.

"You don't find many veterans in this league that don't work like [Avant] because if they don't, they aren't around long," Smith said. "He's very detailed in his work coming in, making sure he is ready to go and prepared."

Avant's mindset is pretty simple.

"I'm just trying to get better every day, trying to do what [Smith] asks me to do," Avant said. "That's something I can do—know where I need to be and be available for him. I don't make much more of it than that. I'm just trying to do my job and help the team win."

Kansas City Chiefs vs the Oakland Raiders in the 1980's

Avant finished second on the team with five receptions for 64 yards last week against the Arizona Cardinals, but his best plays may have come while blocking for both of Jamaal Charles' touchdowns.

"They were both sprung by [Avant]," Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said. "He knows it. He gets it. He understands his role and that's key. I think the other thing is the young players on our team see [Avant] and how he works and his work habits and they're asking questions of him.

"He's going to make those younger guys better as well."


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