Chiefs QB Alex Smith on Doug Pederson: "He's the real deal"

The former Chiefs offensive coordinator accepted the head coaching position with the Eagles

On Monday, the Philadelphia Eagles announced that Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson will be their new head coach.

Pederson spent the past three years in Kansas City, where he helped quarterback Alex Smith have the best two years of his career in an offense that had two of the best years in franchise history.

The Chiefs have scored 400 points or more in a season only eight times dating all the way back to the days of the Dallas Texans (1960), and two of those seasons have been with Pederson as offensive coordinator.

Pederson spent four years with Andy Reid prior to Kansas City as a coach in Philadelphia (2009-12), and five years as a player both in Green Bay (1995-98) and Philadelphia (1999).

This will be Pederson's first head coaching job at the NFL level.

For a more detailed look at Pederson's life and career, check out our longform* *on him.

Here's what tight end Travis Kelce had to say about Pederson:

"He's the man. We love him just as much as any coach here. We know how important he is and how valuable he is. Obviously I wish him the best of luck over there in Philly, and I know he'll be a great coach. I think he's ready for anything that anybody throws at him. That guy works harder than anybody I've ever seen."

Here's what quarterback Alex Smith had to say:

"I¹m happy for him. He¹s the real deal, a really, really good coach. He¹s going to be a great head coach. Just has that quality about him, that coolness, he can relate to players. I think he will be great at it."

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