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Chiefs QBs Host Wellness Tour

The Chiefs and TMC helped educate local students on healthy living

The Chiefs Community Caring Team, featuring the team's quarterbacks, joined Truman Medical Centers (TMC) to help promote a healthy lifestyle for students from Alta Vista Middle School.

The group led the students through Play 60 stations, including ladder drills, push-ups and sit-ups, learning techniques of catching and throwing the football and more. They also answered questions about healthy eating and how to stay active.

"We want to show these kids how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to be active and play for 60 minutes a day," QB Alex Smith said. "This was a great chance to spend time with these kids and drive that message home. Anytime that you get to interact out in the community with young kids, it's always a fun time and a great time to teach them about making good, healthy choices."

Kansas City Chiefs quarterbacks host a Play60 event with Truman Medical Center at the Tony Aquirre Community Center

Following the Play 60 drills, TMC provided the students with an opportunity to make some healthy trail mix and learn more about positive eating habits.

"After the groups participated in their Play 60 activities they stopped by our station to fuel up in a healthy way," Niki Donawa, Chief Community Relations Officer with TMC, explained. "We want to teach these students that you don't need to fill up on junk food or sodas, but show them the proper ways to snack."

The Chiefs and TMC are "Partners for a Healthy Community." Since 2010, the duo has teamed together to share a common message of living a healthy lifestyle. Through events such as this and the Touchdown Family Fest, the Chiefs and TMC have made educating the community about healthy life choices a priority.

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