Chiefs Quarterbacks, Special Teamers Joined KC Academy Art Students at Arrowhead

Alex Smith and company welcomed local artist Lonnie Powell and art students to Arrowhead

When the Kansas City Chiefs hold events that give active players the opportunity to interact with members of the Kansas City community, the players typically garner much of the attention.

That oddly wasn't the case last week.

In an event held at Arrowhead Stadium Thursday, art students from the Kansas City Academy were invited to tour the Arrowhead Art Collection found at Arrowhead Stadium.

After the tour, the students, the Chiefs quarterbacks and the Chiefs special teamers were invited for a charcoal art workshop with Lonnie Powell, a local Kansas City artist whose art hangs at Arrowhead Stadium, the American Jazz Museum's Changing Gallery, the Vine Street Studio and more galleries in both Kansas City and across the entire country.

While meeting the players was interesting, Powell was the person the students were more eager to chat with and later learn from.

"I taught school for a number of years," he said. "I retired quite a bit ago, and just being back with students is kind of fun, especially students who are interested in art, and any time I get a chance to talk about art, I'm having fun."

During the workshop, Powell taught the students the importance of detailing art and why you need to move your arm in certain ways when drawing.

As the students listened along and had an opportunity to practice on their own individual canvases, the players in attendance were able to do so right along with them.


"It's been great," kicker Cairo Santos said. "We're comparing our amateur drawings with their drawings and it's interesting to see what they focus on. For me, we're trying to contour the jazz player and focus on his entire body, but the art student told me if you actually zoom in on the top half, it's really where you need to focus on, which is a good perspective and you learn in a professional way how a painting is done."

Quarterback Aaron Murray appreciated how impressive nearby students' work turned out.

"I was sitting next to one girl and every little part of her sketch was just perfect," he explained, "just the time, the focus, the energy they put into it was pretty cool to see. It's very similar to what we do in our craft on the football field."

The Kansas City Chiefs along with the QB's and specialists hosted a group of local high school students to visit with artist Lonnie Powell.

Powell's piece, "Bluerooming," can be found in the Arrowhead Art Collection on the third floor of Arrowhead Stadium.

"[The Arrowhead Art Collection] was a great idea, and I know many of the artists in this collection and have admired them for years," he said. "A lot of them are local talents around here and I'm glad to see that they're getting some recognition. It's a beautiful thing any time you can incorporate art, and art goes with everything. There is nothing that good art does not fit well with."

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