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Chiefs Reflect on Their NFL Draft Experience

Players recall their reaction to hearing their names called on draft day


Just hours away from the 2013 NFL Draft, as the many pro prospects await their names to be called, I wanted to find out what the draft-day experience was like for some of our current Chiefs players. It didn't take long for the guys to remember the unforgettable moment, when childhood dreams became reality.


Derrick Johnson - (2005 NFL Draft, first round, 15th overall - Texas)

Describe Draft Day:

"Draft day is always a day you remember because it's a dream come true. You're anticipating where you're going in the draft, you've heard so many rumors, 'are you going a little earlier or are you going a little later,' but it's a good time to be around your family and friends and share that moment with them."

Who was with you?

"I was at home with my family in Waco (TX) and my mom, uncles, aunts, friends, brothers and sisters, everybody was there, my agent was there at my mom's house. I was sitting there two or three hours waiting for that 15th pick to roll around; it was a very humbling experience."

What thought went through your mind when you heard your name announced as the Chiefs draft choice?

"That I've been blessed to make it to this point and I'll never take it for granted, just a lot of joy and happiness in my heart. I was very anxious and after the fact, I was very thankful that I'm here in Kansas City and still here to this day."


Ryan Succop - (2009 NFL Draft, seventh round, 256th overall  - South Carolina)

Describe Draft Day:

"Obviously that's an exciting day and being a place kicker, you don't know; a lot of teams show interest in you, but you really don't know whether or not you're going to be drafted because a lot of times it is just tough to be drafted as a kicker. Draft day was an exciting time. I worked out for six or seven teams probably; I thought I had a decent shot at being drafted but wasn't sure and as the day progressed a couple of teams (that) I thought were going to pick me didn't and then when everything went on and we got into the seventh round, I knew Kansas City was a team that was interested and I knew they had the last pick and so it was kind of neat how that whole thing worked out being 'Mr. Irrelevant'. It was an exciting time."

How'd you view being 'Mr. Irrelevant'?

"I looked at it as a huge blessing. A lot of people could look at that and almost take it as a negative but what I took from it was that, this gives me an opportunity to do what I love to do for a job, which is to play football and so I just looked at it as an opportunity that I was given, a tremendous blessing."

Who was with you?

"I had a lot of my family around. I had a lot of my friends around, we were hanging out."

What thought went through your mind when you heard your name announced as the Chiefs draft choice?

"Well, my mindset was that, hey I've been given an opportunity, now it's my job to go in and make the most of it and go compete, let's go win the job and go from there. This is an opportunity that I've been given and now it's on me to produce."


Eric Berry - (2010 NFL Draft, first round, fifth overall - Tennessee)

Describe Draft Day:

"I was just really excited to be in New York City and be with my family. I worked hard to get to that point and I always knew I was going to go to the NFL and I knew how hard it was to get there. The feelings and emotions that went through me that night, I can't even explain it to you man, it was just, it was almost like a dream come true and it made me realize that I had more work to do and it was definitely a big blessing and I was very thankful for the opportunity."

Who was with you?

"My immediate family."

What thought went through your mind when you heard your name announced as the Chiefs draft choice?

"I can't tell you the first thing, because it was like a billion things went through my mind. I was too happy; it was a great feeling."


Tyson Jackson - (2009 NFL Draft, first round, third overall - LSU)

Describe Draft Day:

"It was an exciting experience for me and my family; just patiently waiting for a phone call, not knowing which team or (at) which position you're going to be drafted. It is just an exciting time and an anxious time. (I was) extremely nervous (about) just the unknowns, the fact of not knowing where you're going to end up at not knowing what situation you're going to be in."

Who was with you?

"My mom, my brother, my entire immediate family, about 15 people."

What thought went through your mind when you heard your name announced as the Chiefs draft choice?

"I just was overwhelmed at the time. I was really joyful and thankful to be put in that situation. I first gave thanks to God, then I cried for a short time (and) after that, I was able to get my composure."

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