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Chiefs Replay: vs. the Oakland Raiders

The Chiefs finish the 2015 regular season with Raider Week on “Chiefs Replay” this Saturday night



Chiefs Replay: Week 17 vs. the Oakland Raiders

WHEN:Saturday, March 26 at 10:35 p.m.

CHANNEL:KCTV5 (CBS) | No KCTV5? Click **here* for listings around the area.*

The Kansas City Chiefs entered Week 17 and the final game of the season against the Oakland Raiders as a team knowing it was headed to the playoffs, but the rub was that there was still much left to play for.

Besides just clinching the standalone regular-season franchise record for games won in a row with 10, the AFC West division was still attainable if the San Diego Chargers could beat the division-leading Denver Broncos at the same time.

Regardless of the division outcome, a win would mean the Chiefs would head into the postseason the hottest team in the league, and one no one would be interested in facing in the first round of the tournament.

All that said, the then-7-8 Raiders were playing for their first finish at a .500 record since 2011, and knowing the two franchises' history, that was the last thing anyone from Kansas City wanted to see happen.

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