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Chiefs Replay: Week 11 vs. the San Diego Chargers

The Chiefs head to the West Coast on “Chiefs Replay”

Chiefs Replay: Week 11 vs. the San Diego Chargers After the infamous 1-5 start, the Kansas City Chiefs entered the Week 11 game with the San Diego Chargers coming off of three straight wins, the last of which was a 29-13 victory over the 7-win Broncos in Denver.

A season that began with reasonable doubt after the first six weeks of the season was all of a sudden very much alive.

As national media outlets begun to take notice, head coach Andy Reid placed his effort in keeping the team focused. In his eyes, at 4-5, they hadn't accomplished anything yet.

In San Diego, the Chiefs were given the opportunity to get back to a .500 record for the first time since Week 1, and if they could do so, they could propel themselves into the playoff conversation in a wide-open AFC.

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