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Chiefs Rookie Marcus Peters Unsatisfied with Individual Performance

The Chiefs rookie playmaker spoke to the media after Thursday’s game


It was arguably the most electric moment of the night after the players stepped between the white lines.

The Kansas City Chiefs rookie first-round pick, cornerback Marcus Peters, taking a Peyton Manning pass 55 yards the other way at Arrowhead Stadium in front of Chiefs Kingdom for a pick-six interception return that gave the Chiefs a 14-0 lead midway through the second quarter.

It was the moment Chiefs fans have wanted to see since Peters was selected No. 18 overall last April.

But that moment would eventually dissipate into a cloud of heartache, and not just for the fans who were cheering Peters every step of the way on his return just a few hours prior, but for Peters, who said after the game that he's not happy with the night even after a good individual performance.   

"It feels good, but it stings too bad," Peters said after the game of his performance. "We're going away with a tough loss. It's a team game, as a team, we took a tough loss.

"All the individual accolades we can make, I leave them on the field without the W."

Peters finished the game with 5 tackles, 4 passes defensed and the 1 interception.

As Manning and the Broncos were driving late in the fourth quarter to try and tie the game, Peters knew the defense was going to be tested.

"I just knew if they got close enough, they were going to take their shots," he explained. "They took it and they capitalized. As a defense and as a team, we have to just finish better.

"We had them right where we needed to. We just have to finish."

Last week against the Houston Texans in the first regular season game of his career, Peters picked off Brian Hoyer with a diving interception on the first offensive play of the game.

It wasn't a bad introduction to the NFL.

In his first game at Arrowhead Stadium, albeit not finishing the way anyone would have liked, Peters introduced himself to the fans at Arrowhead Stadium in an unforgettable way.

"Like Eric Berry says, you have to live your dreams out," Peters explained. "My dream was to come to the NFL and to make my presence be felt, to be welcomed by my teammates by my play.

"Not by just the words I speak, [but] by going out there and proving myself."

It may have just been a couple of games so far, but Peters is proving one thing for sure, and that's the "playmaker" title he was given coming into the NFL is fitting just fine.

Photos from the Chiefs home opener matchup against the Denver Broncos

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