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Chiefs to Pick 18th in the 2015 NFL Draft

Kansas City draws 18th selection with 9-7 final record

By beating the San Diego Chargers in Week 17, the Kansas City Chiefs knocked them out of the postseason but in the process, dropped one position in the 2015 NFL Draft to 18th overall.

Here is a historical look at all the 18th overall picks since 1970 (1970 was the first year of the combined NFL Draft; an AFL-NFL common draft *was held from 1967-1969):

18th Overall Picks Since 1970
2014 NYJ FS Pryor, Calvin
2013 SF FS Reid, Eric
2012 SD DE Ingram, Melvin
2011 SD DT Liuget, Corey
2010 PIT C Pouncey, Maurkice
2009 DEN DE Ayers, Robert
2008 BAL QB Flacco, Joe
2007 CIN DB Hall, Leon
2006 DAL LB Carpenter, Bobby
2005 MIN DE James, Erasmus
2004 NO DE Smith, Will
2003 ARI DE Pace, Calvin
2002 ATL RB Duckett, T.J.
2001 DET T Backus, Jeff
2000 OAK K Janikowski, Sebastian
1999 OAK G Stinchcomb, Matt
1998 NE RB Edwards, Robert
1997 TEN DE Holmes, Kenny
1996 STL WR Kennison, Eddie
1995 OAK RB Kaufman, Napoleon
1994 MIN DB Washington, Dewayne
1993 PHX T Dye, Ernest
1992 SF DB Hall, Dana
1991 CIN DE Williams, Alfred
1990 GB DE Bennett, Tony
1989 NYG C Williams, Brian
1988 PIT DE Jones, Aaron
1987 SEA DE Woods, Tony
1986 DAL WR Sherrard, Mike
1985 STL DE Nunn, Freddie Joe
1984 CLE DB Rogers, Don
1983 CHI WR Gault, Willie
1982 NYG RB Woolfolk, Butch
1981 BAL DE Thompson, Donnell
1980 WAS WR Monk, Art**
1979 SEA DT Tuiasosopo, Manu
1978 NE T Cryder, Bob
1977 DEN G Schindler, Steve
1976 BUF DB Clark, Mario
1975 DAL LB Henderson, Thomas
1974 BUF TE Gant, Reuben
1973 SF DB Holmes, Mike
1972 CLE DB Darden, Thom
1971 NYG RB Thompson, Rocky
1970 BAL RB Bulaich, Norm

*Hall of Famer

  • The top three positions drafted with the 18th pick historically since 1970 are defensive end (12), defensive back (7) and running back (6).
  • The position of the 18th selection the last two seasons in a row has been a free safety.
  • Only one quarterback (Joe Flacco in 2008) and one Hall of Famer (Art Monk, a wide receiver) have been drafted 18th overall since 1970.

The Kansas City Approach

Though these are interesting trends to read, Kansas City has regarded itself as a team who will go after the best player overall since John Dorsey took over general manager duties two seasons ago.

While he reiterated that point Monday, Dorsey also acknowledged that heading into this offseason, various team needs will be evaluated. That could perhaps lead to somewhat of a shift in approach that we haven't seen before.

"As we move forward, we are always still trying to see if we can fit a piece in here or fit a piece in there," Dorsey said. "I think that the (wide receiver) stats speak for themselves and we're going to have to do some work there."

Dorsey has said in the past that he always looks past player skill level and also regards player personality as an important factor in drafting. He wants his draftees to bring a strong character to Kansas City.

"Guys who love to play the game, guys who are passionate about the game, you can't have enough of those guys on your roster, you really can't," he said Monday.

2015 will mark the first year that the Kansas City Chiefs will pick 18th overall.


Photos from the Chiefs Week 17 matchup against the Chargers


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