Chiefs Unplugged: Tamba Talks Fisher & More

Memorable quotes from the team's rainy Monday practice


The weather report this Tuesday morning calls for temps in the 70s with cloudy skies, rain is a possibility, much like yesterday, where Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark hunt, along with team president Mark Donovan and Chiefs general manager John Dorsey watched the team endure the elements to continue preparing for its first preseason game against the New Orleans Saints on Friday, August 9.

While the rain didn't prevent Chiefs head coach Andy Reid's team from practicing, it was also unable to stop the team's diehard fans from showing up to watch, some under umbrellas, others enjoying the cool precipitation that was fairly consistent throughout practice.

All in all, the day was productive, both for the team and its fans, which is ultimately what the Chiefs want to provide, the best fan experience in the league. So, heading into the team's practice at 8:15 AM CDT today, here's a quick look back at some of the quotes from Monday, discussing anything from playing in the rain, to appreciation of the fans and then some.

Clark Hunt comments on his interactions thus far with Chiefs QB Alex Smith:

"I've had a chance to spend some time with Alex. He and I went to dinner back a few months ago, so I got a chance to get to know him. Everything I've heard about him, he's a great individual, strong leader, very intelligent, that all came through in that dinner. Watching him out on the field, he has a definite command of the offense. I think every guy out there respects him, and he is just a tremendous addition to the football team."

Chiefs RB Knile Davis comments on Monday's "Live" period and thoughts on playing in the rain:

"I had fun out there. I haven't gone live since college; I was anticipating it, had the butterflies, but when the ball is snapped, I had some good things and some things I need to work on. I just need to keep getting better. Like coach Reid said, we got an opportunity to play in the elements. We might have to play in the rain or snow, so just getting used to it because we're going to have to play in it."

Chiefs LB Tamba Hali on his thoughts about Eric Fisher's first week of training camp: "The guy is good, he can block. I don't play against him much, but he's a physical guy when he wants to be. He can finesse you when he wants to. Eric is a good player coming out of college. Every college player has to come in and prove themself, that's the ground I believe in. That's how it was when I got here."

Chiefs players respond to playing in the rain:

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles

"This is what's going to happen during the season; we're going to have a rainy game. I'm glad we had to see this for our team, a rainy day, because there are going to be some conditions like this, real messed up, muddy and we came out here and caught the ball pretty well today. I think that shows a lot of progress in our offense."

Chiefs RT Eric Fisher

"I think I played in more games at CMU in the snow than the rain, but hey, this is nothing new. This is part of football. They can't change the weather on Sunday, so you have to practice in it. I'm just glad it hasn't been that hot yet. I've heard some crazy stories about the heat and we've been pretty lucky; I'd rather play in the rain than 100-degree heat."

Donnie Avery

"You have to stay focused, tunnel vision. It's really more focus because of the conditions, but once you get your focus, you just have to suck it up and go with it."

Kevin Brock

"For the conditions, the practice went well. It's part of the game; you have to deal with the elements and we welcome the challenge of coming out here and practicing in a little bit of adverse weather."

Chiefs DB Otha Foster

"The Lord blessed us with a cool day, windy, so, it was pretty cool."

Chiefs DE Mike DeVito

"That's old-school football, down and dirty in the dirt. I love it. I think the guys love it, it was a good day today, second day out here in pads and sometimes you can have a lull but I feel like everybody came out here and really played at a high level, so, that's encouraging to see, even in the rain."


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