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Chiefs vs. Bills: Top Three Offensive Plays

Taking a look at the three top plays from the Chiefs 17-13 win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday

Here are three top plays from the Chiefs offense on Sunday:

It just so happens that all three of these plays came in the fourth quarter, when the Chiefs scored 14 unanswered points to pick up their sixth win in their last seven games.

The first play probably won't be talked about enough because the play right after it was arguably the most important play of the game.

1. Dwayne Bowe's 15-yard reception early in the fourth quarter

On third-and-16 and trailing 13-3 from the Chiefs 46-yard line, Alex Smith and Bowe connected on a 15-yard strike that took everyone on the offense doing their jobs to make this play happen.

The offensive line, with help from Junior Hemingway and Jamaal Charles, gave Smith time to deliver a perfectly thrown strike down the field to Bowe, who made a contested catch along the sideline and was able to get both feet in bounds.

This catch set up the next play, which is the one that everyone remembers. But if not for the blocking, perfectly aimed throw and contested catch, the next play would have never happened.

2. Jamaal Charles' 39-yard touchdown run on fourth-and-1 

This was maybe the gutsiest play call we've seen from coach Andy Reid and the offense to date and was equally as important.

The Chiefs run a counter-pitch to Jamaal Charles on the outside and he goes 39 yards for the touchdown and brings the Chiefs to within three points at 13-10.

With two tight ends and a fullback on the field, the Chiefs looked to be running the ball up the middle like you'd often see in short-yardage situations, but that play call was something Reid was waiting for.

"[Offensive line coach] Andy Heck, [running backs coach] Eric Bieniemy and [tight ends coach] Tom Melvin all put that play together for that time so they deserve the credit for that," Reid said on Monday. "And then we got the right defense against that look and then the fellas took care of it. Then Jamaal did what Jamaal does best, right? And that's run that son of a gun and he did a nice job."

That Charles touchdown brought the Chiefs to within three points, and the next play gave them the lead and ultimately the victory.

3. Alex Smith's touchdown run

With six sacks on the day, the Bills defensive front was every bit as advertised. Smith dealt with some heavy pressure throughout the entire game.

Smith was hit often, and yet when it got late in the game, in crunch time, Smith was able to make a play with his feet and take a pretty big hit while doing it.

With 9:05 left in the game from the 8-yard line and against eight Bills defenders in the box, Smith kept the ball after a fake to Jamaal Charles up the middle, which left the Bills edge defender, Manny Lawson (No. 91), with a decision to make. Smith kept the ball and with just a couple of yards left before the end zone, Bills safety Aaron Williams (No. 23) was closing in and Smith lowered his shoulders, took the contact and landed in the end zone for the go-ahead and ultimately the game-winning touchdown.

After taking hit after hit from the Bills front, Smith lowers his shoulders to accept contact on a play indicative of the kind of leadership Smith has consistently shown to his teammates.

He wasn't going to be denied and after the run, Smith showed some emotion, which doesn't happen often and showed what the play meant to him.

The Kansas City Chiefs visit the Buffalo Bills in week 10 of the 2014 season.

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