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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Andy Reid Postgame Reaction

Andy Reid addresses the media after the Chiefs Week 15 matchup against the Raiders

OPENING STATEMENT:"As far as the injuries go, (Josh) Mauga came out with an oblique strain. We will just see how he does here in the next day or so, and then Smith had cramps, Sean did. Both those two should be ok. Jamaal (Charles), we went through all the protocol for a concussion. Really he was complaining about his knee and his ankle, not his head. But he did take a big hit there, so we kind of went in that direction. He set me straight when I came over there and he wasn't able to score that touchdown and Knile (Davis) did. He wanted the ball, he wanted to be back in there. Anyways, he went back in and then I ended up taking him out when we got the lead. Jaye Howard had a shoulder sprain and ended up finishing the game before we pulled him out. I thought Len Dawson got us started, banging that drum. I thought he was going to throw his shoulder out hitting that son of a gun. But he got the crowd rolling. I thought the crowd, again, they were phenomenal. We sure enjoy bringing people into Arrowhead here to play in front of our crowd. They are something. I thought both sides of the ball, along with special teams, did well. We had too many penalties but there was positive production out of all three phases. We haven't been able to say that the last couple weeks. That was a definite positive. You saw where we made the change at guard and put (Jeff) Linkenbach in. (Mike) McGlynn has been battling both legs and I just thought backing him off a little bit would give him a better chance, maybe, of being able to help down the road. Link stepped in; I thought he did a pretty good job in there.  Again, a lot of positive things, a lot of things we can work on and we will continue to get better with as we prepare to play a good Pittsburgh team this week." 

If you can continue to get the ball down the field in the passing game like you did today, what is this team capable of?"I thought that was one of the positives offensively. We were able to drive it down there. It loosens things up a bit. You saw they were playing a lot of single safety middle and putting that extra guy in the box, obviously concerned about Jamaal and the run game. So it opened up something down the field for us. I thought Alex (Smith) did a nice job, 297 yards throwing the football."

So Jamaal went through concussion protocol and passed?"We saw the same hit you saw so we brought him over and he was ok. But you're going to do that. In today's football, you're going to go through that. The thing he was complaining about though was that ankle and knee, is what he was complaining about. He said, 'just give me a second and I'll be fine'. Then I came over to the sideline after Knile scored and he was upset that we didn't allow him to have that run. But that's today's football, that's where you're at today. So if somebody takes a big hit like that you're going to make sure that you check them out."

*So Jamaal got hurt the play right before Knile scored? *"Yeah."

Talk about Knile. Everybody asks you why Jamaal doesn't touch the ball but Knile has only had six touches the last three weeks, offensively. Talk about his contribution."Yeah, I've mentioned this to you before that our offensive production was a bit down, especially our drives. The length of our drives over the last three weeks, we weren't sustaining drives. That allowed Jamaal to get enough rest in between series where it wasn't a big deal for him, he was barely breathing hard there the way we were playing. Today it gave him an opportunity to get in there, had a few longer drives and it allowed Knile to get in the mix there."

Coach Toub predicted the punt return touchdown this week, more or less. Did you have a feeling that was coming?"No but I trust Toub. If he's pointing them out, that's pretty good. Bobby April is a pretty good coach too. He must have seen something there. It was impressive."

Did Justin Houston go through concussion protocol too?"No, he got poked in the eye."

Poked in the eye, that's all that was?"Yeah, that's all that was."

*With what Jamaal went through in San Diego, earlier in the year, when he took that big hit from Brandon Flowers and talked on the radio afterwards. Are you treating him any differently than you would anybody else when they get hit? *"No. Both of those were big hits so you want to make sure that you check the guy out and Jamaal doesn't say much so you want to make sure you cover all the bases." 

Defensively, do you feel like there was maybe more intensity this time than when you played in Oakland?"Yeah, as it worked out that was a short week and so on and travel. We didn't quite have as much juice as maybe what we had today."

The score was 10-6, then the unconverted third downs, the missed field goals and you had dropped passes, how hairy was that third quarter?"We were so close. Going into halftime there were so many things in the first half that we were just a hair off of. I feel like if we just relaxed a little bit. We had those two dropped balls down in their territory that would have allowed us to score right before half. I thought the guys did that. They settled down and just played and let their personalities show and weren't pressing."

This is the first win since Eric (Berry) has taken ill, do you have anything special planned for him?"He is battling right now. He had his first treatment and probably isn't feeling very good. I talked to him. He said oatmeal is his best friend right now. He was not able to take too much down. He is in the middle of this thing. But everybody has been staying in touch with him and making sure he knows our support is there with him. It was a good win, I dedicate that one there to Eric."

How much better was the tackling? It looked much better."Yeah, I thought the guys played downhill football, aggressive. That quarterback is a good, young quarterback. They've got a good running back. I was impressed by the fundamentals of squeezing gaps and then when you see it you attack it and hit it. I didn't think there was any hesitation there. This isn't off watching the tape but that's what I felt coming out of it."

The defense was able to get to Derek Carr, what did you think about Bob's (Sutton) game plan?"Yeah, I thought Bob had a phenomenal game plan. You saw Carr versus teams that weren't able to get pressure on him, just gash them. He's got a big arm and very poised for a young guy. The design of Bob's defense there, I thought, was point on." *What happened with Dustin Colquitt's punt? Was that a fake punt and he just kicked it? *"Yeah, he was just faking the fake."

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