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Chiefs vs. Raiders: Top Offensive Plays

A few key plays from the Chiefs offense that stood out against the Raiders

There are a few offensive plays that stand out from the Chiefs' 31-13 win over the Oakland Raiders last Sunday.

These won't necessarily be your obvious plays that could be found on any highlight reel, but plays that stood out for a number of other reasons, which will be made clear.

1. Downfield passing game

The first play is actually two different plays, but with the same context of Alex Smith delivering the ball down the field.



The first play is the 48-yard pass-and-catch from Smith to rookie receiver Albert Wilson, which came after some great blocking up front.

Anytime a ball is delivered deep down the field, there's a good chance the offensive line did a good job giving Smith enough time for that route to develop down the field.

In this first play to Wilson, right tackle Ryan Harris and Jeff Linkenbach were given one-on-one situations with Raiders defenders.

On the left side, tight end Anthony Fasano and left tackle Eric Fisher teamed up to take on the edge rusher, while right guard Zach Fulton and center Rodney Hudson also teamed up to stonewall their guy up the middle and provide a clean pocket for Smith.

Wilson got separation down the field and Smith got the ball behind the defense, a nice vertical passing play from the Chiefs offense.

The second play of that video is the 37-yard pass-and-catch from Smith to Dwayne Bowe.

What initially stands out about this play is the chip block Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano got on the cornerback T.J. Carrie, who blitzed off his nickel cornerback position on the right side of the defense.

If Fasano doesn't see him coming or get that contact and alter Carrie's path to Smith, that pass isn't completed down the field to Bowe.

Also, Rodney Hudson picking up the stunt along the defensive line (right defensive end) is what gave Smith a clean pocket up the middle to step and throw.

After that, it was simply a nice pass-and-catch from Smith to Bowe down the field.

2. Momentum-changing third-down conversion

The Chiefs first offensive drive in the third quarter ended with a Travis Kelce fumble, which the Raiders offense converted into three points and brought the score to 10-6.

Once the Chiefs got the ball back on the ensuing possession, the first third-down attempt was the catalyst for three consecutive drives that resulted in touchdowns for the Chiefs, ultimately blowing the game wide open in their favor.

This 20-yard reception from Bowe may have been the best pass of Smith's season.

It was perfectly-timed pass-and-catch that came at a crucial time in a game that just five game minutes later wouldn't be all that close.

This play is where it started.

3. Jamaal Charles' 15-yard run and a great De'Anthony Thomas block

Midway through the second quarter, Jamaal Charles took a handoff 15 yards on first down to the Raiders 40-yard line.

There were several great blocks on this play, both from the offensive line and from the Chiefs' rookie receiver De'Anthony Thomas.

The run was initially sealed to the outside thanks to some great blocks from left guard Jeff Linkenbach, left tackle Eric Fisher and tight end Anthony Fasano.

Once Charles got around the edge, Thomas' block on veteran Raiders defense back Charles Woodson is what allowed Charles to cut upfield and get chunk yardage.

Also, the combination of Ryan Harris and Rodney Hudson cleaned up any backside pursuit from the weakside linebacker.

This play is a good example of how a good running play is dependent on several different people doing their jobs.

It's truly a team effort.

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