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Chiefs vs. Seahawks: Trent Green's Five Things to Watch

The former Chiefs quarterback is serving as the color analyst for the preseason broadcasts once again

The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night at 7:00 p.m. CT at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. It's the first home game of the season for the Chiefs.

These two teams met in the regular season last year, and the Chiefs walked away with a 24-20 win.


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The Seahawks come into the game having dropped their preseason opener 22-20 at home to the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs beat the Arizona Cardinals 34-19 in the desert last Saturday night.

Even though these preseason games don't count on the final scorecard, many individual jobs are won and lost based on performances in these games. Both sides of the ball want to show they can execute properly and the guys want to fly around and make plays.

Before he was the color analyst for the NFL on CBS and the Chiefs preseason games, Trent Green was busy throwing touchdowns at Arrowhead. He currently ranks second in franchise history in passing yards (21,459), touchdowns (118), completions (1,720) and attempts (2,777).

He's well versed in the game of football and he's got five things to watch in the game on Friday:

"The number one thing is to see if the first-team offense can get into some kind of rhythm. Last week was a little bit of a struggle. I think whether or not they go down and score, that's not an important part, or at least I don't think it's an important part. I just think it's more about getting into a rhythm, getting a first down and feeling good about the progress here on that side of the ball.


"Number two will be to see a continued improvement by the offensive line. I know that's going to be hard considering the injuries and the fact that a couple guys aren't going to be playing. But I think it's an important part of it. You have a rookie at center, you have a new guard that just came in from a trade and now you're going to have another new left tackle and another new right tackle in this game.

"The third thing is watching the young middle linebackers, Ramik Wilson and D.J. Alexander, and seeing their continued development. With Josh Mauga being out, this gives these guys an opportunity to make an impression.

"The fourth thing is the young receivers have to get back to the first preseason game and will that continue. I would like to see Frankie Hammond, Jr. have success. Fred Williams, although he's technically not considered a young guy, he's young to the NFL and young to the Chiefs. It will be interesting to see if those guys continue to improve.

"The last thing I'm looking forward to is to see an expanded role for Eric Berry. I'm not sure how much we'll see him from a snap standpoint. He didn't get a ton of work in that first preseason game, but I think as they ease him back into playing shape, it'll be great to see if he can hold up against more."

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