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Chiefs Week in Review: March 26-31

A look at our content on over the past week



The annual league meetings took place this week, bringing executives and coaches together from around the NFL in preparation for the upcoming season.

That includes Kansas City Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, who joined Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio on Monday to discuss Kansas City's busy offseason and the outlook for the franchise moving forward.

One of the many topics Hunt discussed was the progress of quarterback Patrick Mahomes during his rookie campaign.

"Well, I think he's really the complete package," Hunt said of Mahomes. "You obviously mentioned some of his physical skills, (like) his ability to throw the ball from uneven platforms accurately and down the field. Andy really likes the mental makeup, the way he prepares for games, the way he understands Andy's offense - which is not easy for a rookie quarterback - and then he also appreciates the way Patrick keeps his eyes down the field to extend plays. You cited a couple opportunities he had last year to make plays where maybe a different quarterback would throw the ball out of bounds. Now, he'll obviously have to learn the balance of when you take those chances and when you don't."

Away from the field, March Madness is in full swing with several members of the Chiefs embracing their inner fan.


Also in attendance at the league meetings this week was Head Coach Andy Reid, who met with the media to discuss Kansas City's offseason and the transition to Mahomes under center.

While there are still lessons to be learned for and with a young quarterback—that's undeniable, and maturation still to happen as part of the evolutionary process of a 22-year-old-kid playing the toughest position in all of sports—there's also confidence in that process being an enjoyable one for everyone to witness.

"He's constantly studying, coach or no coach," Chiefs' coach Andy Reid explained of Mahomes this week while talking with the media in Orlando at NFL league meetings. "I'd expect to hit the ground running (with him). It's not one of these situations where you're going to have to back up and go, OK, he's a rookie and you've got to start from scratch—that's not where you're at with him."

Check out the rest of the story here.

Reid also talked about how the Chiefs plan to use new cornerback Kendall Fuller next season.

It was a performance that drew the praise from around the league, and now in Kansas City, the Chiefs are confident that Fuller can replicate those results while playing as an outside corner.

"He's got tremendous upside and I think he's just tapping into that," said Reid at the annual league meetings this week. "He developed, you could argue, into the best inside defender - pass defender - in the league. Now, he has an opportunity to step outside and do that also - just kind of add that to his repertoire."

Reid indicated that Fuller will see plenty of action as an outside corner in 2018 while occasionally bouncing back inside if the situation calls for it.

The full story can be found here.

For Reid's full transcript from this week's media availability, click here.


The Chiefs made a pair of roster moves on Friday, signing quarterback Matt McGloin and wide receiver Nelson Spruce.


Finally, we continued to look at the top photos from the 2017 season with No. 4 – “Peace Out.”

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