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Clark Hunt: "We're not done yet"

The Chiefs Chairman and CEO discusses emotions surrounding Sunday's win

What are your emotions, following the Chiefs 56-31 victory?

Hunt: "I'm just so excited for the team, the coaching staff, the entire organization, especially the fans; it's so great to be able to clinch a playoff spot today, with the victory over the Oakland Raiders."

What is like for you to see what started back in January, with the hiring of Andy Reid and John Dorsey, to the culmination so far with an 11-3 record, as well as a guaranteed playoff spot?

Hunt: "We had very high expectations; we were fortunate enough to convince Coach Reid to come to Kansas City. We don't think anybody could've anticipated how quickly the team would turn and have the type of success that we've had this year, whether it was the 9-0 start or clinching the playoffs today, but certainly, he and the coaching staff deserve a lot of the credit for it. And also, I have to mention (Chiefs GM) John Dorsey and the tremendous job that he did in assembling the people in that locker room; they went out there and got it done today."

How would you describe the record-breaking day by Jamaal Charles?

Hunt: "Absolutely special. Jamaal has been that type of player for the Chiefs for many years now; you almost come to expect great performances from him and certainly, this is going to be one of the tops in his career and who knows where the ceiling is. We've seen him do it rushing the ball and today, he did it receiving, five TDs; that's pretty hard to do in the National Football League."

Yourself, team president Mark Donovan, Andy Reid and John Dorsey, you guys have what seems to be a very tight-knit group?

Hunt: "It sure is. The entire group in that locker room, whether we're talking about the players, the coaching staff, the front office, they're all very tight and they work extremely well together. One of the special things about this win today was, it was a team victory; the offense contributed, the defense contributed and special teams contributed. That's really the same way it is with the entire Chiefs organization; we all work together for a common goal and I'm so happy that we were able to take one of those steps today, clinching the playoff spot."

Talk about the Sea of Red, not just at Arrowhead Stadium, but also when the team travels:

Hunt: "First of all, it was so great to see so many Chiefs fans out there, which is very unusual for the Black Hole to see so many people wearing red, but it's been that way the entire year. Our fans have supported us, on the road, at home; our season-ticket holders are the lifeblood of the franchise and I'm so happy for them to have the Chiefs back in the playoffs this year and all I can say is, we're not done yet."

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