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Colquitt Stepping Up Big When Needed

Easily overlooked but nevertheless important, Dustin Colquitt continues to make a difference for the Chiefs


Most Kansas City Chiefs fans know how good Dustin Colquitt is at his job.

A self-described "jab specialist" who specializes in making game-changing plays on special teams, Colquitt's ability to flip field position has been a key for the Chiefs since he arrived a decade ago.    

Colquitt was selected in the third round (No. 99 overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft out of the University of Tennessee.

After 10 years with the Chiefs, Colquitt is the franchise leader in most key punting categories: net average (39.4 yards), gross average (44.9) and has 291 punts inside the 20-yard line, which ranks 12th in NFL history.

Since coming into the league in 2005, Colquitt's 291 punts inside the 20 is the best in the NFL, and he already has six this season.

"When you give a defense a long field—that obviously translates into more time the offensive coaches can get together and talk to about scheme and what they're going to do next," Colquitt said.

More than just giving the opposing offense a long field to work with, Colquitt knows he can change the complexion of the game by getting the momentum back on the Chiefs' side.

"When you bury them inside the 5- or 10-yard line, obviously, you have some momentum," Colquitt said. "You have defensive guys running onto the field because they're pumped up about a punt because it's a big tackle by a gunner usually."

Passing the credit off to a teammate because of a good tackle after a 50-plus yard punt that pins an opposing offense deep in their own territory tells you almost everything you need to know about Colquitt as a teammate.

He's also one of the most generous players in regards to his time working in the community, and he's always volunteering to help in any way that he can.

After the Chiefs victory over the Miami Dolphins, a game in which Colquitt had two 64-yard punts, one of which pinned the Dolphins on their 1-yard line, Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke of the jabs Colquitt threw in the game.

"I thought the punter did pretty well," Reid said with a smile. "He had a pretty good day. I thought that he was able to change some of the field position for us to our advantage."

The Chiefs picked up their first victory of the season in Miami and led by Colquitt, the punt coverage unit had a net average of 48.8 yards on five punts, compared to the Dolphins' 32.4 yard average on seven punts

Examining those numbers even further, that means the Chiefs forced the Dolphins with 18 more yards of field position to deal with in two less punts.

Reid went on about how important Colquitt was to that win in Miami.

"I'm not sure that I've ever been in a game where we've been backed up as much as we were, but at the same time, [Colquitt] was able to get us out of trouble there. "

Colquitt continues to help get the Chiefs out of trouble and step up big when he's needed the most, which is nothing new for him.

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