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Countdown: Alex Smith's Top Five Throws of 2014

Recapping Smith’s best throws from this past season

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith finished the 2014 season with 303 completions on 464 attempts, 18 touchdowns and just six interceptions. He compiled 3,265 yards and had a final passer rating 93.4, the 13th best mark in the league.

These were some of his best moments throwing the football this season:

  1. Week 14 – 6:51 4Q – 1st and 10 – 29 yards to Travis Kelce

The Chiefs trailed the Arizona Cardinals 17 to 14 in the fourth quarter and Smith lined up in the shotgun with Charles and Thomas in the backfield.

Thomas went into motion and Smith faked the handoff to Charles. The Arizona defensive line flushed Smith out to his right, and he had to hit Travis Kelce while on the run.

Despite being on the run, Smith hit Kelce right in the hands for a 29-yard gain and the first down.

Three plays later, Smith found Kelce again, but the referees reviewed the play and called it a fumble recovered by Arizona to end the drive.

  1. Week 2 – 13:51 3Q – 3rd and 18 – 20 yards to Travis Kelce

The Chiefs were down 21-10 in the third quarter and lined up in the shotgun on their own 12-yard line facing a discouraging third-and-18 situation.

Smith faked the run to Davis and then looked to pass. No one was open, but the Chiefs offensive line gave him eight seconds with only three Broncos containing the quarterback.

After two pump fakes, Smith found Kelce down the right sideline for the improbable first down. 

  1. Week 15 – 9:44 2Q – 2nd and 19 – 48 yards to Albert Wilson

The Chiefs already led the Raiders, 7-0, but faced second-and-18 on their own 22-yard line. Smith lined up in the singleback formation.

He faked the run to Knile Davis and surveyed the field. Albert Wilson was in one-on-one coverage on a post route and Smith noticed that he had a step on the defender.

At or around the 16-yard line, he launched the ball 49 yards in the air and Wilson caught it for the longest pass reception of the season. 

  1. Week 15 – 11:00 3Q – 3rd and 5 – 21 yards to Dwayne Bowe

At the beginning of the third quarter, the Chiefs only led the Raiders, 10-6, and needed to convert a third-and-5 play in order to keep a critical drive going.

Kelce went into motion and joined Charles next to Smith in the backfield. Dwayne Bowe lined up in the slot and ran a corner route.

Smith connected with Bowe on a perfect over-the-shoulder throw and the Chiefs gained 21 yards.

The drive finished with a touchdown and the Chiefs went up on the Raiders, 17-6.

  1. Week 14 – 7:39 3Q – 3rd and 1 – 41 yards to Jason Avant

Smith and the Chiefs faced an unassuming third-and-1 with just under eight minutes left in the third quarter.

Kelce went into motion and Smith faked a run to Charles in the backfield. Smith rolled out to his right as three Arizona defenders closed in on him.

Smith saw that wide receiver Jason Avant had just one man on him, and he hurled the ball down the field for the 41-yard gain and his best throw of the season.

Photos of Alex Smith's best passing plays in 2014.

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