Countdown: Best Chiefs Media of the Week

A roundup of the very best in Kansas City Chiefs media over the past seven days

5. VIDEO: Chiefs Closing Out Minicamp



4. ARTICLE: Top 10 Takeaways from Chiefs Offseason Workouts

In case anyone was worried about Peters' ability to step up and make plays like he did as a rookie, the indications from offseason workouts are that it shouldn't be an issue.

Peters was all over the field during team periods, picking off multiple passes and making sure every ball thrown his direction was either broken up, or at worst, a tough, contested catch.

With veteran Sean Smith leaving in free agency, Peters is now in a position to take the three young defensive backs who were drafted this year and with veteran safeties Ron Parker and Eric Berry, help to lead that room. READ

3. PHOTO GALLERY: iFLY with Rod Streater


On Tuesday Rod Streater visited iFly in Overland Park to further the Where's Streater outreach programming. Streater is with a group of students from High Aspirations.


* *

2. ARTICLE: Cancer Survivor and Long-Time Chiefs Fan Relishes First Fantasy Camp

"I thought I had appendicitis, and I went to the hospital and they figure out pretty quickly it wasn't the appendix," he said. "I had a five-pound mass in my large intestine and it burst my intestine."

At the hospital, doctors removed the tumor from his large intestine and sent it off for testing. On October 15, they discovered it was Burkitt's lymphoma, a form of cancer.

"Once they found out what it was, I began chemo," Ken described. "It was eight sessions of chemo. There were four days each session over 24 weeks, so about six months." READ

1. VIDEO: Top 100 Players of 2016: No. 26 Justin Houston



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