Countdown: Best Chiefs Media of the Week

A roundup of the very best in Kansas City Chiefs media over the past seven days

5. VIDEO: Dustin Colquitt Wired at Practice

4. PHOTO GALLERY: Chiefs Fantasy Camp 2017


The 2017 Chiefs Fantasy Camp was held at Arrowhead Stadium June 15-16. The Chiefs Fantasy Camp benefits the Center for Concussion Management at The University of Kansas Health System.


3. ARTICLE: Roger Goodell Gives Credit to Chiefs Kingdom for Primetime Schedule

In taking a break from his duties there, Goodell, who after noting there are a handful of people tasked year-round with the development of the NFL schedule, spoke about the Chiefs being featured so often nationally this season.

"I personally think it's a great tribute to the national attractiveness of the Kansas City Chiefs," Goodell explained. "I'll tell you, every network talks about broadcasting a game from [Arrowhead Stadium] because it's such a great atmosphere. I can't emphasize to you enough the importance of how that passion of the fans comes through the television screen.

"We're a game where that passion is felt through the broadcast and people are like, "Wow, that sea of red…it's just a great setting."

2. VIDEO: GMFB: The Chiefs have Best Defensive Trio



1. ARTICLE: A Father's Legacy: Justin March-Lillard Shares His Incredible Story

Father's Day means something different to everyone.

For Kansas City Chiefs third-year linebacker Justin March-Lillard, the day will bring a flood of emotions this time around.

It's the first Father's Day he'll spend without his own father, Randy, who passed away last November, and it's the last Father's Day he'll be without his son, as he and his wife, Paige, are expecting later this summer.

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