Dave Toub on Anthony Sherman: "He's the Best Fullback I've Ever Coached"

A closer look at the guy who plays all four phases

Kansas City Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman is entering his fifth season with a lot of praise.

During his four-year career in Kansas City, the "Sausage," as he has been nicknamed by head coach Andy Reid, has compiled 271 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns, while also playing a vital role on special teams.

Over the last four seasons, Sherman leads the Chiefs in special teams tackles with 40.

Photo Highlights of Anthony Sherman

"He's the best fullback I've ever coached as far as a special teams player/ fullback," special teams coach Dave Toub said. "You know he is a four-phase guy (kick and punt return, kick and punt coverage).

"That is a rare thing in the NFL," Toub added. "If you look at fullbacks across the league, you will see a guy playing one or two phases. Maybe kick return and maybe a little bit of kick off. He does it all. He plays on punt as well as punt return. His effort is great. He is a great leader and just to have him on the field it is important for all of the young guys."

When speaking to the media Monday, it was said special teams and consistency are the reasons Sherman has been able to carve out a career.

"Yeah, you are talking about them like they are turning into dinosaurs," Toub said. "There is just not a lot of them around anymore. He definitely has a niche."

Last week after practice, Reid was asked about future coaches he could see amongst his guys besides Derrick Johnson.

And Sherman was one of them.

"I'm not going to hold him accountable for it, but he has talked about potentially doing that," Reid said.

Coach Sherman, anyone? He's a team leader that plays multiple phases of the game. Sherman also helps fire the guys up, and occasionally loosens them up when needed.

Wearing overalls in a romper-like-fashion or rocking a mullet are just a few ways Sherman has lightened the mood over the years.

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