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Dorsey & Reid Previewing the 2014 NFL Draft

Team's GM: "There’s some depth at every particular round"

The 2014 NFL Draft is just around the corner, when on May 8th, the Kansas City Chiefs will be on the clock, with their currently-owned 23rd pick of the first round. Just days away from his second draft as the team's general manager, John Dorsey addressed the Chiefs continual approach to the upcoming three-day event.

"There's some depth at every particular round," Dorsey said. "As the course of the draft goes on, if there's a favorable moment to trade back and get some picks, we'll consider that and we'll do that, but we'll never pass up a really good player either. So, I think what you have to do is go along the three-day cycle and see how it plays itself out altogether and, all of a sudden, if you think you can go back a little bit and get some more picks, you'll do that."

Many analysts describe the 2014 draft as heavy with wide receiver talent, which Dorsey agrees with, and then some. 

"I totally concur," Dorsey said. "As you look at the WR position, every round, there is unique value at that position to be had, all the way down to the seventh round. I think depth also is showing up at the cornerback position as well and I think there are some good players to be selected as those days, day one, day two, day three, there will be some players in day three that will play past their projected round that they were taken in."


Dorsey shared a few more of his draft philosophies, before highlighting the team's goals for the upcoming event.

"Be patient and don't overvalue players, because they'll eventually fall to you, if you have a degree of patience," Dorsey said. "The sole objective of the draft is to make sure you hit on all of your draft picks and so as you go along these rounds, you're going to take the best player that will help and contribute to this team and will add some more depth to this roster."

Working with Dorsey and his personnel staff, throughout the draft preparation, is Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, who offered thoughts on his team's current roster, as well as the draft.

"We've got a lot of good football players on this team," coach Reid said. "So, you don't necessarily build it through free agency, although we've added some guys that I think are pretty good football players and will make an impact on our football team, the place you really build your team is through the draft and so, that is what John and his staff are doing now. They're getting themselves prepared for that. We'll keep adding guys here and there, through the free-agency market, but the place that you're really building is through the draft."

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The leadership of the Chiefs brass streamlines directly into the locker room, where players like Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe continue to stand confidently behind the free agent and draft-pick selections of the team's brain trust.

"Whatever they're going to do, I have confidence in John and Andy," Bowe said. "They're going to put the right people in the locker room. It's not about a position or what I need; it's what the team needs and whatever the team needs, I fully trust that they're going to bring the right guys in that make it work."

The work for the Chiefs continues, right up to and through the NFL Draft, the 2014 regular season and beyond.

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