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Eric Berry Appeared on Good Morning America's "Speed Feed"

Berry mentioned GMA’s Robin Roberts during his comeback press conference


Even Michael Strahan, the most recognizable New York Giants football supporter on the planet, says he’s rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs this season.

During his press conference on Wednesday, safety Eric Berry mentioned Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts as one of his inspirations for getting through chemotherapy treatments.

*"Just seeing Robin Roberts, her master class, was crazy because here it is—I'm doing my chemotherapy once every two weeks. Get chemo done on a Wednesday, skip a week and get it done the next Wednesday, whereas Robin Roberts had to do it 10 days consecutively. *

"Anybody that has been through chemo knows what it does to your body, knows how it drains you, knows how it affects you. She did it 10 straight days. Just to see her sit up and doing what she's doing, after that it was like, 'man, I can't complain about anything, I'm getting it once every two weeks.' I just challenged myself and just tried to move forward that way."

Watch the Good Morning America "Speed Feed" featuring Berry and Roberts here.

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