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Eric Berry Returns Home to Arrowhead Stadium

Berry spoke about what makes Arrowhead Stadium, Chiefs fans and this team special

It may have been the second game he's played this season, but Eric Berry's return to Arrowhead Stadium was ever as special as the game last week against the Arizona Cardinals.

This time, he was home.

He's been the pillar of strength and determination for so many people since he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma last November, and on Saturday night, Berry was able to stand tall in front of the fan base that's supported him through it all.

"The ride through the stadium and up to the stadium, smelling the barbecue and seeing the fans out there waving, it was definitely a wonderful feeling," Berry said of coming to the stadium on Saturday.

"I made sure my window was rolled down so I could just take it all in. I drove extra slow this time."

Berry's mother, "granny" and uncle were in attendance at the game on Saturday, which is nothing new, but it definitely takes on a new meaning now.

"It's just extra special now," he said. "We've been through a lot as a family. It's the same way as the team; we've been through a lot as a team."

Just as he described last week with his emotions leading up to that game against the Cardinals and everything that goes into the process of playing a game on the road, those same feelings manifested themselves as he drove into the stadium on Saturday.  


"All those emotions you have just riding through that parking lot, you have to be part of the Kansas City Chiefs family to understand how that feels," Berry said. "Everyone is grilling out and having a good time. The kids are out there with jerseys on, throwing the football. But every time you come through, it's like they know when a player is coming. They stop and they wave, and they just give so many words of encouragement.

"It's almost like a pre-pep game talk. Just seeing those guys out there, it does a lot for me emotionally."

It did a lot for Berry's teammates too.

"Tonight was special for him," linebacker Derrick Johnson said. "It was special for the whole team to see Eric and his courage and determination and everything he went through. He stands tall; I always say that. Eric Berry stands tall.

"He's a testament and an example of a great man on and off the field and I'm glad to be his teammate."

While many of his teammates have found strength in just having his presence around since the beginning of training camp, Berry said it works both ways.

"I think we've all fed off each other," Berry explained. "We're a close group. It's like we've all been together for our whole lives and it's not just a business for us.

"We're a family. We come in as teammates and we leave a family."

a few special moments in the career of Eric Berry.

As far as what Berry's progress on the field looked like, he said they're still taking it slow, which he likes.

"I think the coaches, they're doing a great job of easing me back in," he said. "It's actually good to get out there during the game and see everything live and see everything moving fast. It's good to see what I need to work on.

"Having those live bullets and being out there in the fire definitely helps you more, and it gets you ready for the season. I'm excited. Whatever they want to do, though, I'm ready for it. I'm just going to adjust and roll with it."

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