ESPN's "Sport Science" Featured Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes II

The special uncovered some interesting things about the Chiefs’ rookie QB

Kansas City Chiefs rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes II was recently featured on ESPN's "Sport Science" in a special you can watch below:

There were a number of interesting things the video uncovered about Mahomes:

  • (:52) Mahomes jump-cuts in just a half a second's time, allowing him to avoid contact with bags (oncoming tacklers) by just 4 inches of space (which the video points out is about the length of an outstretched finger). "Sport Science" appropriately uses an incoming Von Miller graphic.
  • (1:14) Mahomes' ability to keep his eyes on the target while moving increases his accuracy by 20 percentage points.
  • (1:54) The "Sport Science" laboratory measured Mahomes launching throws at 60 mph, comparable to one of the strongest arms they've ever analyzed—Tampa Bay's Jameis Winston.
  • (2:19) Mahomes' lab measurables compare similarly with former Philadelphia Eagle and Andy Reid-quarterback Donovan McNabb. McNabb also happens to be the last quarterback Reid drafted in the first round 18 years ago (1999).
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