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ESPN Tells the Moving Story of Chiefs' RBs Coach Deland McCullough and His Family

McCullough went out searching for answers about his biological parents, but it turns out he knew his father all along

The folks over at E:60 often tell some of the best stories in sports, but this may be their best one yet.

The feature, which aired on Sunday, documents the life of Kansas City Chiefs' running backs coach Deland McCullough – who was adopted at birth - and his search for his biological parents that spanned more than 40 years.

That alone makes for a powerful story, but as it turns out, McCullough was already plenty familiar with his biological father – a man he had known since he was a kid.

It's a story that defies the odds as his father was unaware that he had a son, but still served as an instrumental figure throughout McCullough's life.

"If you would have told me to pick who my father was, there's no way I would have picked him because I might have thought I wasn't worthy for him to be my father," McCullough said. "I felt like my blessings came full circle because I'd always wanted to be somebody like him."

Check out the incredible story by clicking here.