Everything You Need to Know About Day Six of OTAs

The Chiefs held their sixth OTA practice on Thursday morning

Nuts and Bolts

  • The Kansas City Chiefs held their sixth practice of OTAs on Thursday morning.
  • Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, Tamba Hali, Vernon Harris, Justin Houston and Mike Williams continued to miss practice. Jaye Howard once again missed practice Thursday due to personal reasons.
  • Head coach Andy Reid addressed the media after practice, and he noted he's been impressed with all three quarterbacks behind Alex Smith during his press conference. More below.
  • The Chiefs will now have the next four days off and return to the practice field on Tuesday for day seven of OTAs.

Plays of Note

  • Rookie Eric Murray, Marcus Peters and Daniel Sorensen all recorded interceptions during offense vs. defense drills.
  • Jamell Fleming, who is getting his first work at safety this offseason, recorded a couple nice pass breakups during practice.
  • In particular, wide receivers Frankie Hammond Jr. and De'Anthony Thomas were showing off some shifty moves Thursday, leaving defenders in their tracks as they gained yards after the catch. Of course, it's important to remember there is no tackling at this point, but they still looked impressive.

A Look At Day Six of OTAs


A look into day six of phase three of the Chiefs offseason program at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex


What We Learned From the Andy Reid Press Conference

OPENING STATEMENT: "Alright, really nothing to add to the injury list there. Everything remains the same. Great week of work this week. We got three practices in, guys were working their tails off, getting a lot of reps, which is good. And we're making progress. Most of the things that go on in this camp are timing things on both sides of the ball and special teams. With that, time's yours."

Herbie Teope (Topeka Capital-Journal):What does Jamaal Charles' rehab process entail?

REID: "It's a killer. He says that he gets about halfway up that hill and he wished the hill stopped. It's a brutal workout that he's putting himself through there, but it's an important thing. He plays a rugged position and he's coming off a major injury and that's one way of getting the legs back."

TJ Carpenter (WHB):How much of an emphasis are you putting on the two-minute drill in the offseason?

REID: "We do this every year, it's an important part of the game. So many games are determined in that last part of the game in the fourth quarter. And the parity in the league has really made that become an important part of your game. Anyways, we work on it in camp, and really the most work you get is normally during that time – now and during training camp. During the season it's kind of a review. You get all your situations now."

Carpenter:Where do you feel like you're at as a team in the two-minute drill? Do you feel like you're in a good spot?

REID: "We feel good about it, yeah."

Adam Teicher (ESPN):Have you been happy with how much you guys have gotten done in those situations?

REID: "We could be better there, both sides of the ball we could be better. Again, it's a matter of working on it and we're doing that. Again, we have to capitalize on a few situations there."

Teicher:Offensively, what's been holding you guys back in the two-minute drill?

REID: "I think it's a matter of just repping it. Making sure I'm putting the guys in the right position. We have to do that, we have good players – you have to make sure you give them an opportunity to make plays. It's important that young guys get to see enough of the different looks – know when we have to get out of bounds, know when you can score, all those types of things that are involved in it. And this is a good time to do it, where you can slow it down and work on it. So that's how we go about it."

Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star):Why was Mike Pettine here yesterday and was he here today, too?

REID: "He and Bob Sutton have a history together. They've worked together, they're very good friends. He's out of work right now and, when you think about it, he's a coach's kid, so he's been around the game his whole life and all of a sudden he's got a year here where he can go around and visit friends. We invited him, he's a good guy, a Philadelphia guy, his dad was a legendary high school coach there, as was Mike. I knew him from back then and it was good to have him out here."

Paylor:Was he here today, too?

REID: "No, he was here the last two days, he wasn't here today."

Paylor:What have you seen from six practices out of Tyler Bray?

REID: "Yeah, listen, I think all three of the young guys are doing a nice job. I've been very happy with them. We're kind of splitting the reps with Aaron (Murray) and Tyler getting the majority of that next tier past Alex (Smith). Kevin's (Hogan) not getting quite as many just because we don't have enough snaps out here with the time restrictions. That's what we do."

Paylor:Is it realistic to think any of the other quarterbacks can approach the mental level where Chase Daniel was at?

REID: "It's a smart group, now Chase had years on him. But this is a smart group and that room, they challenge each other in there. I've said this about Alex, you're not going to run out of gigabytes. I don't think you'll run out of that with the young quarterbacks either. They seem to handle things well. The one thing they don't have are snaps, real snaps under their belts. Somewhere you have to get them and they'll get them here in these camps and then training camp and the preseason games."

Carpenter:Have you seen more refinement from (Tyler) Bray, it seems like he has a lot more touch on his passes?

REID: "Yes, you forget he was the youngest guy in the draft, remember that.  He was just a pup coming out, a bit immature.  He's grown up so much and works so hard, not only getting back from his injuries but also in the classroom and you're seeing it out here.  He's able to work the offense and good things are happening for him.  It's important that he stays with it and he continues to work through all of this."

BJ Kissel (Chiefs.com):What does it say about Tamba (Hali) that he's using his time to come out here and helps some of the younger guys?

REID: "Listen, Tamba is all about the team, he's been that way since I've been here and I'm sure he was that way before I got here.  I love his attitude, he's all about the Chiefs and we're glad to have him here for everything that he does besides being a great football player."

*Teicher: *(Brad) Childress was saying yesterday about Tyler Bray that you really need to see him in a non-practice atmosphere, like when the pocket isn't clean or you get him moving around a little bit, how much can you tell about what you need to tell in an environment like this?

REID: "Yeah, well one of the things you don't get to see until you get in the game is the quarterback being hit, or they have that threat of being hit so you have to wait until the preseason games to see that. The quarterbacks aren't live during training camp, they're not live out here so you're waiting to see how he reacts in the game.  As you go back and think about how he did it before, he's pretty cool in the pocket, we always talk about happy feet and wandering eyes and that's not what he had when he was young, I wouldn't expect him to have it now."

Teope:You've moved Marcus Cooper around a lot back there, is he a cornerback or is he a safety?

REID: "I'd tell you it's kind of the same kind of thing with (Ron) Parker, he can do both.  He's had some good snaps for us here the last few days at corner, he's had some good snaps at safety too. Bob's got a couple little defenses there, different defenses there where he's setting him back as a free safety and working some free safety with him.  He's got good range and he's smart, most of all he's a smart guy."

Teope:It seems like the secondary is very active with interceptions and pass breakups, what does that say about where they are at right now?

REID: "They're doing good. That's two fold because I'm the head coach I have to look at both sides. We have to cut back on them from the offensive side but the defense though, they're doing a nice job, ball hawking it back there.  That's what we did this past season and it sure helped us. That's a positive thing."

Paylor:I know you're going to work out different guys in different places, but it does stand out to me when I see Justin March getting some real run and also Eric Murray too, how are those two coming along and what have you seen from them that precipitated that rise up?

REID: "So March, very, very intelligent and instinctive. You look at him and you go, he's not the biggest guy but he's a good football player. We didn't get a chance to see enough of him last year but from what we have seen, we felt that way then so we're giving him some reps here to just see what he's about and we'll continue to do that."

Paylor:Is he big enough to be the strong side guy next to Derrick (Johnson) or is he more of a weak side?

REID: "I think he can play either side.  He's a very powerful kid with tremendous strength, so I think he can do either side."

*Paylor: *I'm interested about how the play calling is going with you, Nagy and Childress. Are your calls getting to Alex pretty well?

REID: "Yeah, I think he's getting the plays.  If he's not getting them out here (at practice), we've got a problem."

Paylor:Ok, a better question, is (Matt) Nagy spitting the plays out pretty good?

REID: "Yeah, he's doing a good job, absolutely, he's doing a nice job with it.  What we'll do is at times, Brad (Childress) will give it to him off of the script, just so he hears it and he can spit it out and get practice there and then at times I'll do it if we're in one of the two minute drills where we're rolling them and they're not off the script, I'll go ahead and call them just so he gets used to that.  Remember we had him at the Pro Bowl too, so he did it at the Pro Bowl and did a nice job."

Teicher:What player do you think has the best chance to be a head coach?

REID: "That's a good question. I'm not sure which ones want to go into coaching, I think (Anthony) Sherman wants to go into coaching.  I'm not sure I'd want to play for him (laughing) but I think he'd be a good head coach. I joke about the 'sausage', but he's a sharp guy and I think he'd be a tremendous head coach."

Teicher:I thought you'd pick a lineman. What is it about him?

REID: "Well without being in the trenches he's as close as we can get. He's a shorter lineman."

Teicher:Do you think your coach in college would have said I think Andy Reid can be a good head coach?* *

REID: "I don't know, you'd have to ask him."

Teicher:What do you think, what's your opinion, would he have said that?

REID: "He might have said, 'you know what, this guy knows everything and he's not that good at anything.'"

Mick Shaffer (Time Warner Cable Sports Channel): After making the playoffs last year, what's the next step, year four for this team, what can this team be capable of?

REID: "Let's see, let's just see, every year can be different.  We've got a lot of guys coming back, we've got great energy.  It's important how we handle ourselves during the training camp and then in the games.  There's so much parity in this league, you never know how things are going to go.  It's important that you just kind of stay at task and I think this group is good at that part."

Shaffer:Does momentum exist from last year's playoffs or was that just six months ago? REID:"Well I think it was six months ago, I think you have to re-start and you have to re-personalize the team.  We'll just see how this group does that."

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