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"Father-Son" Warrior Combine Event Will Mimic Real NFL Combine

The sixth annual event will allow fathers and sons to partake in events they would see at the actual NFL Combine


The Warrior Combine, an event that began six years ago as a way for adult men to test speed, agility and overall health, will host its sixth annual event Saturday, June 6 at the Blue Valley Northwest High School.

The event, which has helped raise money for prostate cancer research and has assisted in raising awareness for prostate cancer each year, allows men to partake in the actual drills that college athletes participate in at the NFL Combine.

"Essentially, the Warrior Combine repeats all of the NFL Combine drills," Chiefs Sports Lab coordinator Andrew Smitka explained. "It brings Zybek Sports, the same timing company that runs the NFL Combine in Indianapolis each year, to Overland Park."

The purpose of the event is to improve the overall health for every participant. The Warrior Combine event is not a competition, but rather an opportunity for men to garner a comprehensive health assessment that takes into account age, mobility and many other factors. 

For the first time ever in 2015, the Chiefs' Play60 team is planning to join the Warrior Combine to implement a "Kids Combine" portion of the event.

"This is our first partnership with the Warrior Combine in an effort to raise awareness for National Mens Health month as well as lead into Father's Day," Smitka said. "We're pretty excited to see how the Play60 initiative can add to this overall successful event and we're really looking at drawing the emphasis on a father-son component to it."

                  The Kids Combine is expected to include the following:

1. Dynamic Warm-Up Exercise

2. Mobility Test

3. Vertical Leap

4. 40-Yard Dash

5. Agility Drill – 5/10/5 dash

6. Pushup Test (alternate for bench press)

Completion – Overall WAR Score

After fathers and sons participate in the combine events, pictures will be available with Chiefs cheerleaders as well as K.C. Wolf.


The cost to partake in the event is $100 per father-and-son pair with a portion of the proceeds going to support prostate cancer research.

For more information and to register for the June 6 Warrior Combine, head to******.

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