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Five Things We Learned From Wednesday's Media Availability

Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and defensive end Allen Bailey met with the media on Wednesday

Kansas City Chiefs' Head Coach Andy Reid, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and defensive end Allen Bailey met with the media on Wednesday afternoon. Here are five things that stood out.

Head Coach Andy Reid

1. How do you help Patrick Mahomes through all the attention he is getting?

REID: "The one thing is that he is in the building here all the time. He is going through the process. He exhausts that thing. When you do that the right way, and whatever noise outside of it - you are not oblivious to it - but you're not worried about all that. You are worried about getting ready to play a good football team. He has just kept great focus on that part. I wouldn't expect anything different from him, it's just how he's wired."

2. Is there something you need to see from Eric Berry before clearing him for practice?

REID: "We are literally taking it day-by-day. He is going through the rehab and doing that and doing actually better. Every day he has been going here, he has been getting better. We will just see how it goes. One thing you know about Eric - you have no questions that he wants to be there and go. He is trying everything he can to get himself out there. We just take it day-by-day and keep doing that. We have great communication with him and we know his desire is to be there. We want him to be smart and we want to be smart with it [being] a long season."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes

3. What would you say you've learned through four games as a starter?

MAHOMES: "I'm still learning, but trying to make adjustments on the fly is something in college I didn't have to do as much of, and here, you have to make them because defenses throw un-scouted looks out there. Kind of like the first half of this last game, they threw us a lot of different blitzes and things we hadn't seen before from that defense so far this year. For us, we just have to get on the same page and figure out those looks and make adjustments to make our plays work."

4. What kind of challenge does the Jacksonville defense bring this week?

MAHOMES: "First of all, they have a great scheme. They do a lot of things really well. They do a lot of the same stuff, but they do it at a very high, pristine [level]. They have a ton of talent over there. We have to utilize our offense and our weapons and try to do what we can to attack them."

Defensive End Allen Bailey

5. You're on pace to shatter your personal-best season for sacks, what has it been about your ability to get to the quarterback this season?

BAILEY: "I guess it really is just taking practice to the game. You try in practice and you try in the game and see what works and what doesn't work as far as the flow of the game and the feel of [what] you get."