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Five Things We Learned on the Kingdom Radio Show with Mitch Holthus

Mitch Holthus held his weekly radio show on 810 WHB Sports Radio in Kansas City with a special guest

"Voice of the Chiefs" Mitch Holthus hosted his weekly **Chiefs Kingdom Radio Show**, which can be locally heard on Sports Radio 810 WHB, on Monday night with special guests Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith.

Here are a few highlights from the show:



**The Chiefs beat the defending world champions last week. While that was huge, what the team learned about themselves might have been bigger.

"To go in and put together a game like that, I think that said a lot about the character of our team." –Andy Reid

The team is constantly working to improve physically and mentally.

"We spent a lot of time working on the two minute drill, in particular the last couple years. The last time we were up there we didn't do quite so well. It was a nice challenge for us to be going basically against the same guys and being able to punch it in there. I was proud of how the guys handled themselves. Again, Alex is making those calls and putting all that stuff together there, so my hat's off to him. Keeping everyone calm out there and keeping it going in the right direction there." –Andy Reid

Super Bowl LI is known for the Patriots' comeback. But then the Chiefs came into their house and commandeered the fourth quarter.

"All of our players saw that [Super Bowl LI]. Not only saw the game live when it happened, but they also had a chance to review that game. You know when you play a Bill Belichick team or a Tom Brady team that you better continue to score. Like you say, you better put the hammer down. And you better do it for four quarters or it can turn bad on you real fast. Our guys understood that. That's the mentality they took into the game. Again, they were talking that on the sideline, 'It's not enough. We need more, more, more.' The big offensive line, you have to give them credit for the job they did against that defensive front. And then you have to give our defensive line credit for how they handled the pressure there, along with our outside linebackers those last couple series throwing the football." –Andy Reid

And finally, there's never only one way to win.

"This team is battle tested. We've won a lot and we've won a lot of different ways. We realized you can do it a lot of different ways. And in the end I think we realized that it came down to handling your emotions, handling the moment, handling the details of executing. We didn't get out of sorts. It was a big stage. It was emotional. Opening days are emotional period. And you go to that stage- defending world champs- kicking off the season and then to start the way we did. We just didn't get rattled. And I think that speaks to the core of the team that's been through a lot." – Alex Smith



**Trust and communication are important in every relationship—even in football.

*"It's everywhere and it's vital. Good teams have it and a lot of teams are searching for it. I just thought the structure of the offseason, the structure of the camp really lent itself to that. I mean I thought our receiving core, the playmakers, at this point they're so good at moving around. You could stick one of our wide outs in any one of the spots and they're going to know what to do and they're going to be confident. They're going to go out there and do it. Same with the tight ends. We had a week in camp this year where Kelce went down and we were getting him back healthy, and didn't skip a beat. Dee and Ross and those guys were licking their chops at the opportunity and stepping in there, and we didn't skip a beat. I think it's a credit to the depth, the talent, the guys that we have and how much work they put in. Knowing all of that, staying ready, and then just creating that culture—that guys are ready and waiting. They want to be involved and want to be in that next play." *– Alex Smith



Photos from the Chiefs Week 1 matchup against the Patriots

**It was known getting on that plane that the Chiefs were expecting to win against the Patriots, not hoping. That's the mentality that has been instilled in this team, and is expected to continue.

"That's the makeup of this team, I think. We'll know at the end of the year really what we are, but for what I've seen throughout camp and we're lucky enough here in Kansas City to have a bunch of veteran players coming back and they put a tremendous amount of pressure or you could just say they've taught the young guys, this is the expectation here and you better raise your game, man. You better do it every week. This will be a nice test for us coming up here against the Eagles. They're a good football team. Very physical football team on both sides of the ball. And again, there's no time to relax now. Your body is sore a bit, you're recovering from it at this time and how to handle it is important. It's going to be warm, so how you take care of yourself and replenishing with liquid. All those things become important. The small things that people don't think about become important. Your preparation and how you get ready for a good team Week 2 when you're on a little bit of a shorter schedule." – Andy Reid

"Opening days are huge and winning them is awesome. Thursday is as big as it gets for openers. But at the same time, we have to get back down to Earth. Got to get back to what got you there—the details, the minutia of it, having a sense of energy. These guys are good, really good and better than their record last year. They're coming in and it's personal, but it's going to be opening day at Arrowhead so I can't wait." –Alex Smith



The coaching family tree is strong between the Chiefs and the Eagles. Coach Reid was the Eagles head coach from 1999 to 2012. The current Eagles head coach, Doug Pederson, was the offensive quality control coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Eagles under Reid and then came to Kansas City to be the offensive coordinator from 2013 to 2015. And this is the first time they've squared off.

"There's a lot going on there. The fact that Coach Reid had so many years there, so familiar with them. And then crazy that Doug's gone back and is the head coach. And certainly you know that there were so many assistants that were here that are there now. Everything about it. I'm sure their Wednesday is going to be just like our Wednesday and Thursday. And they're going to be doing things the same way that we're doing them. So it makes it interesting when you're preparing. The chess game of who's going to switch things up? Who's doing what to try to get an advantage? For us, I'm getting ready to play the defense which there isn't much carry over there, but obviously knowing that Doug is running our offense  there and getting ready to play our D, so a lot of weird details this week." –Alex Smith

"When it's all said and done, none of the matters once you start the game. I never want that to influence our team, preparation wise or personality wise. It's very important that we are who we are and that we take care of our business and don't let emotions get caught up in all that nonsense there and just go play the game. So I enjoyed my time there, but I'm a Chief and I'm loving every minute of this. I love the people, I love those red heads there, I love them. I'm happy to be here and rolling the way we're rolling, and so that's the important part. Don't let the other thing be a distraction whether it's Doug or myself. Let's go play and not worry about that stuff. Neither of us are playing in the game anyway—thank goodness." – Andy Reid



Other teams have tried it, but no one can do it like the Chiefs. The first official Red Friday is this week for the community to kick off the weekend in preparation for Sunday's match up against the Eagles. And for the players, it's just as special. Even when one of their kids has a scheduled pajama day on it.

*"Without a doubt. It's crazy special. There's nowhere else in the country with something like this going on that everybody knows it. Everyone is like, 'Hey it's Red Friday. It's Red Friday.' It's the whole buildup of the week. We're kicking off the weekend, the game Sunday. It's a special day. Actually, funny story. This week at my kid's school it's spirit week where every day is a different theme day. Friday is pajama day and my wife was like, 'Well that doesn't make sense. It's Red Friday.' It's just so ingrained that this is what this city is about, this whole community, the kingdom. It was just so funny to me, without skipping a beat, 'It's Red Friday.' It's just awesome. I think it's one of the coolest things going on in this whole country." *–Alex Smith

Missed out this week? Don't make that mistake again! Head over to the HyVee on W 151st St. in Olathe on Monday September, 18th to catch what Mitch and his special guest have to say before the Chiefs take on the Chargers.

Click here to find out which HyVee location Holthus and his special guests will be at rest of the season, or listen live with Sports Radio 810 WHB every Monday 6 p.m.-7 p.m.

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