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Former Chiefs Attended Practice Sunday For Annual Training Camp Alumni Day

Christian Okoye, Deron Cherry and Shawn Barber, among others were in attendance


For former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Shawn Barber, Alumni Day at training camp is about the little things.

"It's always special to come back and smell the grass," he said, "feel what it's like to be back on the field during these training camp days."

Once a camp, Chiefs alumni are invited up by the organization to watch the latest version of the team.

The former Chiefs start their morning by meeting and greeting with season ticket members at the annual pancake breakfast before heading to the VIP tent to oversee practice.

Former Chiefs in Attendance For Alumni Day

Derrick Alexander

Shawn Barber

Marc Boerigter

Trent Bryant

Deron Cherry

Mark Collins

Kelly Goodburn

Danan Hughes

Dave Lindstrom

Curtis McClinton

Christian Okoye

JC Pearson

Walter White

"Alumni Day is just a time for the guys that you went to war with to get back together," former Chiefs running back Christian Okoye said. "I was always look forward to that— just seeing everyone come back because you don't get to see them throughout the year. It's that one time everybody comes back and you get to see them and remember the days that you played with them."

Okoye said that he hadn't been back to training camp since his playing days in 1992, more than 20 years ago. As he watched, he described how training camp isn't what it used to be.

"Training camp was hard. It's not like today," he said. "I mean, full pads twice a day. I didn't enjoy it at all, so it's good that I'm here just to watch what's going on right now and see how it is now compared to back then."

Walter White, who played tight end for the Chiefs from 1975 to 1979, explained how he enjoys getting to interact with the Chiefs faithful once again.

"You see a lot of the fans here that you know that remember me when I played," he said. "Hanging out with my former teammates and being out here on the field, you kind of get goosebumps once in a while. I think back 30-something years ago when I was out here, so it's always good to come to training camp and see the guys practice and get ready for the season."

Photos from Season Ticket Member and Alumni Day at Chiefs Training Camp

Once practice had ended, head coach Andy Reid invited the alumni onto the field.

"It was great to have the alums out today," Reid said in his post-practice press conference. "It's always good for those guys to come out and meet our players, they get to tell them how long they played and for who. Obviously a couple of them played for other teams along with the Chiefs. And what college they went to and so on. So it was kind of a neat day for that."

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