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Former Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez Recalls His Top Two Moments in KC

Gonzalez shared a couple of plays that still stand out to him today

He's arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history.

Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez has had so many memorable moments throughout his storied 17-year NFL career that it'd be difficult to try and narrow down which ones would be considered the "best."

But when asked about which moments still stand out to him today, Gonzalez had a couple that jumped right out to him and both of them are from his time in Kansas City.

"When I was able to break the tight end touchdown record," Gonzalez quickly noted. "We did it here at Arrowhead Stadium against the Cincinnati Bengals back in 2007. I needed one to tie and two to break the record. I was able to do that in the middle of a season that we weren't very good. We won four games that year, but we won that particular game.

"My whole family was here, so that was special for me."

His second play is directly related to his relationship with Chiefs Kingdom, and it was against the Denver Broncos back in 2008.

"I caught a touchdown pass in the end zone and I landed on the football," Gonzalez explained. "It knocked the wind out of me and I couldn't get up. I was laying on the ground, trying to get up and the crowd started chanting, 'Tony, Tony, Tony!'

"I remember looking up like, 'Should I get up? I want to hear a little bit more of this!'

"It was so cool to hear the fans and that they appreciated that much that they would start chanting my name. Then I got up and they started cheering. It was cool because ever since then, every time I'd score a touchdown, they'd start chanting again. It was pretty special."

There are few players as beloved as Gonzalez in franchise history.

Whether it's because of his accomplishments on the field or everything he's done and continues to do for the Kansas City community away from the field, Gonzalez's memories of his time in this town are also cherished moments to those of Chiefs Kingdom.

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"For me, those two moments were the coolest that ever happened."

Congratulations on a great career with the Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons

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