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Former Raiders Linebacker Regards Hali and Houston Among the Elite Pass Rushers in the NFL

He writes: “You want to know who’s a beast? Tamba Hali”


Lamarr Houston is a former linebacker of the Oakland Raiders who for the past two seasons has played for the Chicago Bears.

In a recent article for the Players’ Tribune titled "Elite Pass Rushers 101," Houston speaks about some of the game's best pass rushers he's seen firsthand.

Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, the two staples of the Chiefs pass rush, made that list.

On Houston:"I don't think anyone scares quarterbacks — and offensive tackles — right now as much as Justin Houston. Like all the guys on this list, he's the complete package. But what it comes down to for Justin is that he's always in a position of power. He has the ability to get lower (and stay lower) than the blocker, so he always has leverage. And when he gets low, he still maintains his speed, so he can just bull-rush guys and get to the quarterback."

On Hali: "It's all about his hand work. He's got all the other tools, too, but his hands are what make him special. His hands are always connecting with the offensive lineman in different patterns, like a boxer on a punching bag, and his hands are just violent and fast. He's always attacking, and his ability to keep the blocker's hands off him allows him to use his speed and quickness to get around him."

Houston and Hali have combined for 9 sacks and 37 tackles thus far in the 2015 season.

Read the full article mentioning the two Chiefs linebackers***here***.

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