General Manager John Dorsey Provides Personel Updates During Broadcast

Quotes from John Dorsey's in-broadcast interview

Q: On the offensive line:

DORSEY: "As I look at this, we have Jeff (Allen) down, we have Eric (Fisher) down. That gives you a chance for your younger guys to step in there and kind of show the coaching staff and show myself what they can do in situations like this. Last week, as I saw Laurent Duvernay-Tardif – there were some great moments there and there were some moments he needed to improve. You take Paul Fanaika, that's the first time he's played at the tackle (position), but he held up nice. As you see in the second drive here, he's holding up on the right side very well."

Q: On trading for Ben Grubbs:

DORSEY: "Well, really, it's a no-brainer. When you can acquire a player of Ben's magnitude, he's a two-time Pro Bowler, he's played on championship teams. When you can instill a veteran like this and what he's brought – he's brought stability to that unit, he's showing these younger guys that this is how you do it. And they've bought in to that and I'm very pleased with that addition."

Q: What stands out to you about Jeremy Maclin?

DORSEY: "It was a no-brainer, it was a natural fit. It's very rare in these situations that you get a young guy in free agency that knows the offense. He comes in here, he knows what he's doing, he's a great kid, he's a flawless route-runner, he's got deceptively deep speed and wonderful hands. To me, it was a natural fit and it gave us a guy who could stretch the field."

Q: On signing Justin Houston:

DORSEY: "He's one of our core players. What we have told the guys all along in this process is if you play at a high level, we're going to reward you. I've always preached patience with regards to this. It's going to take time, because a player of his magnitude, this deal wasn't going to happen overnight. At the end of the day, patience on both sides – both sides got this done. I love Justin, I love his attitude, I love his approach. He means a lot to his teammates and I'm happy that he's going to be a Chief for a long time to come."

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