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General Manager John Dorsey talks about Roster Depth and the Preseason

Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey stops by the broadcast booth to talk with Trent Green and Paul Burmeister

Q: From year one to year three how much better is the depth and how does that affect the roster decisions?

DORSEY: "Well, what we've said all along is that it's going to take a process, it just doesn't happen overnight. When we came in here we had a larger plan – and that was to slowly build this thing. Right now, we're at a level all across the roster where guys can compete and this year there's going to be some guys who unfortunately won't make this roster but will play for other teams in the National Football League."

Q: On Mike Catapano:

DORSEY: "Yeah, he looks very good. What he has done is transformed his body, he's up to 295. He's a unique individual because he can apply the pressure as an inside three-technique pass rusher, which is a very valuable trait. And he's also shown the ability to stack the point of attack, and that's the one concerning thing, you always wanted to see if he could do that and he showed it the previous preseason games."

Q: What's it like watching the game but also thinking about the roster more than any other game action during the season, certainly also the preseason?

DORSEY: "Yeah, what's unique about this game is you want to continue to evaluate, you want to see those guys that have a chance to earn a roster spot. You want to make that sure they're doing absolutely everything they can to help this organization as well. So that's why it's so critical because there's four or five spots up for grabs here."

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