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Halloween with the Chiefs Cheerleaders

Chiefs Cheerleaders hosted Halloween bash for young girls

Each season, the Chiefs Cheerleaders host a group of three to five year old girls through the Angel Chiefs Cheerleaders program. The group is invited to attend an hour long practice monthly, they receive an official uniform and pom pons, as well as attend a picnic and an end of the year Halloween party.

Chiefs Cheerleaders host the Angel Cheer Halloween Party at the University of Kansas Training Facility on Tuesday night.

"The Angels spend the summer and fall with us, practicing once a month," Stephanie Judah, Chiefs Cheerleader Director explained. "During their practices they are learning rhythm, movement and dance skills, along with learning how to be a team player and building a relationship with the Chiefs Cheerleaders. It's so fun to see the Cheerleaders interact with these little Angels and see how the Angels look up to them and admire them."

The Halloween extravaganza was fun for the whole family, featuring Disney princesses and a prince, a bounce house, face painting, games, a puppet show and a chance to win prizes and candy.

"All the Angels had a blast at this event and throughout the year," Alison, a 3year Chiefs Cheerleader noted. "It's so much fun for us as well. I know it means a lot to them, but it means even more to us to be able to teach them dance, which is our passion, build relationships with them and to see them grow and learn is incredible."  

To get involved in the Angels program, find more info here or email

Registration for next year will be available in April 2015.

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