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Head Athletic Trainer Rick Burkholder Provides Update on Justin Houston

Burkholder addressed the media on Thursday

On Thursday, Kansas City Chiefs head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder addressed the media regarding linebacker Justin Houston.

Here's a transcript of what Burkholder had to say:

"Okay, just a quick update on Justin Houston. I know there was a report out there that he was at Dr. Andrews' yesterday. I can confirm that he was at Dr. Andrews' yesterday. That's not unusual for any player in the National Football League, including some of our players here with the Chiefs.

"We, and most of the teams and trainers in the National Football League are fine with second opinions. We have had a lot of players treated by Dr. Andrews so we are very comfortable with him going down there and we supported the idea of him going down there. They have some excellent athletic trainers and physical therapists down there as well, so his group is just taking a look at Justin, making sure we're all on the same page—the Kansas City Chiefs medical staff, their medical staff—and we're moving forward as I said before, it's a hyperextended knee. He's getting better now that his swelling is down and his motion is back.

"We thought that it was a good time to send him down to see Dr. Andrews. He'll be back up here in a couple days and we'll continue his rehab process. I don't want anybody to be alarmed that he went to Dr. Andrews. We knew it, we supported it, we backed it, he's good with it. I've talked to both him and the crew down there and we're all headed forward with this thing and hope to get him back on the field real soon."

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