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Here's What to Know About Chiefs Kingdom Worldwide

The new program launched this year

Chiefs Kingdom knows no boundaries, and it is our belief that no Chiefs enthusiast should ever feel isolated when celebrating game day. Chiefs Kingdom Worldwide has been established to bridge this gap, no matter where you may be located. We invite you to help us maintain the unity of the Kingdom by sharing your information and current location by clicking here.

Additionally, if you operate a venue that caters specifically to the Kingdom, we encourage you to submit your venue for inclusion on our map if it meets the following criteria:  

  1. Caters primarily to devoted Chiefs fans on game day.
  2. Prioritizes the prominent showcasing of all Chiefs games on the majority of screens.
  3. Proudly exhibits Chiefs memorabilia to enhance the fan experience.
  4. Frequently offers special promotions dedicated to Chiefs fans.
  5. Upholds a positive and respectful representation of the Kingdom and maintains good standing.
  6. Does not cater to other NFL teams.
  7. Operates as a public business, rather than a private residence.

Doing so will make you an integral part of our network, connecting with fellow Chiefs enthusiasts in your vicinity. Together, we can ensure that no Chiefs fan ever feels alone on game day. To submit your venue for consideration, click here.

Super Bowl LVII Germany Watch party, February 12, 2023.

Here's a look at the cities from around the world that already feature registered venues:


-      Kansas City, Missouri

-      Portland, Oregon

-      Las Vegas, Nevada

-      San Diego, California (Two Locations)

-      Des Moines, Iowa

-      St. Louis, Missouri

-      Chicago, Illinois

-      Buffalo, New York

-      New York City, New York


-      Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

-      Mexico City, Mexico


-      Berlin, Germany

-      Dusseldorf, Germany

-      Frankfurt, Germany

-      Munich, Germany

We invite you to visit, where you can formally submit a request for your venue to be included on the map and connect with fellow Chiefs enthusiasts in your vicinity.