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Here's What We Learned from Andy Reid on Monday

Reid spoke with the media on Monday following the 34-20 win over the Raiders

Head coach Andy Reid

Q: What happened to Marcus Peters towards the end of the game?
REID: "Yeah, he had a calf cramp. That was it."

Q: At some point was it just too difficult for Jeff Allen to go?
REID: "Yeah, it looked like the first time he really pushed off and exploded on it, where he had to change direction it got him."

Q: How did Dee Ford perform in his first start?
REID: "Yeah, I thought Dee did some nice things. He got a lot of snaps, and sacks he ended up causing just by his rush. Even though he wasn't declared as the guy who made the sack he was able to get that collapse on the tackle there – with the offensive tackle and the quarterback. So I thought he did some good things. I thought it was a good experience for him, too."

Q: How did Dee Ford do against the run?
REID: "I thought he did pretty good, actually."

Q: How about Frank Zombo?
REID: "Six plays, two sacks - that's not a bad ratio."

Q: If Justin Houston is out next week, will Dee Ford be the starter or has Frank Zombo earned a deeper look there?
REID: "I would tell you that Dee would probably be the guy, I haven't gotten that far on it but I would probably tell you that. But we have full confidence in Zombo playing, that's not a big deal to rotate him in there, it's not a big deal. Three year guy – give him a blow."

Q: How difficult was it for Donald Stephenson to move from tackle to guard in-game?
REID: "Yeah, he did get some work last week. Everything's faster in there, so even though you don't have that naked side where you're not protected, you've got people on both sides, in other words, playing guard. But you're closer to that defensive lineman in a pass protection and a run game situation where normally you can kind of skip-step to the guy. Now it's on you, by the time you set that second step, it's in your face and right now you're in the battle. So that takes a bit of getting used to, we're not doing anything live in practice so you do it the best you can and as live as you can in practice, but you don't get the full feeling until you get into the game. So his run game wasn't as good as his pass game."

Q: Overall, how did Donald Stephenson perform at guard?
REID: "He did some good things, yeah, he did some good things. I was proud of him for that. Just like you said, it's a tough thing to do and I think he would tell you, just like I'm telling you, he felt more comfortable in the pass game part of it than the run game part. And even that's different. There's a difference there in the speed of it."

Q: Have there been more injuries on the offensive line this season than usual?
REID: "Well, we've been banged up a little bit, now, right from training camp on. That's what I'd tell you. I think Coach Heck has done a nice job – both he and Eugene (Chung) – of keeping that group together and teaching. These are some young guys in there, even our veteran guys are young guys. Once you got past (Ben) Grubbs, everybody else was a pup. They've done a nice job of keeping them improving as we've gone on here and then getting them all reps. You see how he practices them with guys coming in and out during practice. He did that in camp and then he's carried it on through the season."

Q: Would you feel comfortable with any of those guys playing any of those positions besides center?
REID: "Yeah, I would say that. Even Jeff Allen, he'll take snaps (in) our pre-practice stuff with the quarterbacks. He hasn't had to do it in a game, but if we had an emergency come up, he could do that, too."

Q: On Zach Fulton's performance:
REID: "I thought he played a good game, I thought that was a heck of a game by him. And we knock on wood when we talk about those missed snaps, you never want those. That's something, as a center, that you never want the quarterback to have to work for the ball. And he did a nice job with that."

Q: Is there something about his skillset that fits in pretty good there?
REID: "I would tell you that and that he's extremely smart. I'd tell you that would be the other thing."

Q: Looking at the tape, did you see any particular reason behind the two missed PATs?
REID: "Yeah, listen I thought the first one, Dustin didn't get a good grasp on it. He went to put it down and it slid right out, off his hand. Heck, that happens. Then the second one, there's really probably no excuse for the second one. We have to make that. It wasn't the cleanest delivery and all, but you have got to just kick it through the uprights and that's how it rolls. It's not always going to be perfect. You're not always not going to have the laces and all this stuff. You have got to just drill it and go with it. You saw a lot of teams – and now as the weather changes, man. With this new rule, you don't know. We're going to find out. This is new territory. So, if yesterday was any indication, there were a whole lot of misses in the National Football League on these PATs. We've got to really up our focus on that thing and have maximum concentration there."

Q: Does this change your strategy on PAT at all?
REID: "I have confidence in those guys, so I just think we have got to up the focus just an inch here. That's where I'm at with it. But right now, no, I'm not changing my thinking on it."

Q: After the game, Sean Smith called you guys the "most dramatic team in the NFL," would you agree?
REID: "Did he have his sunglasses on when he said that? He brings a little bit of Hollywood to the deal, if that's part of the drama, I guess, I don't know. I don't know about all of that. It's a good bunch. It's a good bunch of guys and I've told you before that I like the team and the way they're wired—a lot of unique characters. It's important that they keep their focus – we all do – we all keep our focus and keep cranking on the fundamentals. I tell you this week in and week out that we have got so much room to be better that it's crazy. We're going on the last quarter of the season here and we've got to up it. We've got to get better."

Q: What did you see on the incomplete pass from Smith to Wilson?
REID: "The one that was overthrown? Yeah, that's what I'd tell you, it was overthrown just by an inch there. He did a good job of beating the guy. Actually, the primary was the other side and he came back to that."

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