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Here's What We Learned From Andy Reid on Monday

Reid spoke with the media Monday afternoon

Head coach Andy Reid

"Alright, again, don't have any injuries for you right now to speak of. The one that we talked about yesterday was (Spencer) Ware and I don't have anything to update you on yet. Good team win. Wins are hard to get in the National Football League, you're going to have games like you did yesterday, in particular when you go through the AFC West and you're playing a team a second time.  The score got carried away the first game and this one here, you figured it would be a tough battle and that's what it was. I was proud of the guys and the way they handled themselves. Offensively, there were some good things that we can take out of it, there were some things we need to work on. In particular, the offsides, the penalties that took place, we've got to fix those things. And then defensively, again, to be able to hold Philip Rivers to six points in two games is quite an accomplishment.  So there were some good things there. Again, plenty of things to work on, we're not near where we need to be, but we'll keep working at it, that's what this team does. The time is yours."

Q: How many times have you won a game where you had no red zone appearances, lost the turnover battle and field position wasn't that great?
REID: "Yeah, probably not a lot as far as the red zone goes – not being in the red zone.  But they had a turnover, we had a turnover, so it worked out ok and we were able to work things out."

Q: What does it say about a team that you can deal with those circumstances and still win the game?
REID: "You can find ways to lose those games, we've been through a few of those in the last couple years. So to be able to find ways to win that type of game I think is important. And we did that, all the way right down to the end. There were some big time plays right there."

Q: Do you have a problem with your PAT and field goal operation?
REID: "Well, we've been a little inconsistent the last couple weeks on the snaps. We've got to fix that, so we'll go back to basics and fundamentals there."

Q: It looked like the snap on the missed field goal didn't look very good, was that the problem before that?
REID: "I'd say yes and we mishandled one, yeah."

Q: On Frankie Hammond's fumble.
REID: "Yeah, normally Frankie's very sure-handed. He got thrown in here right at the end – but listen, I'd say this for all of us - we've all got to go back and just focus on those fundamentals and take care of those as a team. We're doing some real good things, we just have to take care of a couple of little things."

Q: Did Allen Bailey look like himself?
REID: "Yeah, well, you deal with those calves you don't want any setbacks. You get a setback, now you're out another three weeks and that type of thing. So we were cautious with him on it. He was honest with us on it and I thought he did a good job."

Q: What does Allen Bailey give you that's different from Howard and Poe?
REID: "Well all three of them are different, they all have their strengths. He's so long, he's a big human being. You stand next to him, he's well put together and proportioned. You stand next to him and you go 'wow, this is a big guy.' And that's the way he plays in there, very, very strong."

Q: Is the long snapper position a process that you expect to be automatic?
REID: "Well I'd tell you that nothing's automatic when humans are involved in it. You have to focus in on it and you have to concentrate and work your techniques, make sure your hands are following through the proper way, all the little things that you need to do to stay consistent at it. And then you add weather into it, and now you go back and you bank on those fundamentals and you have to trust those things. He's learning, he's new at this, this is his first year being a full-time guy."

Q: Are you going to stick with James Winchester?
REID: "Sure, I'm there today with him. Yeah."

Q: What have you seen from Daniel Sorensen lately?
REID: "Dan has done a nice job in there. He'd been a special teams player for us the last little bit. He's given us some real healthy snaps in there when (Husain) Abdullah's been down. We kind of play him in the box, he's got a little bit of linebacker and a little bit of safety mixed in there. He's got a good feel is what he's got. He's a pretty good tackler – there's one he'd like to have back yesterday – but for the most part, he's a very good tackler. Not afraid to stick his nose in there, he's going to get after you a little bit."

Q: The one you wanted back from yesterday, he still didn't give up on the play either.
REID: "Yeah, almost got a strip-fumble on that, too, which was good."

Q: Could Sorensen have played in the box last year? It looks like he's gotten bigger.
REID: "Yeah, it looks like he's a little huskier, stronger. He's in there with Barry (Rubin) and gets everything done in the weight room. He's one of those guys who you don't have to talk into going in there."

Q: How close do you think Dee Ford is to being solid at multiple aspects of his position?
REID: "I think he just needs to keep playing. He keeps getting better and better. Yesterday you got the full picture. He has three sacks, got beat on a route – a crossing route – by a tight end, but came right back and made one of the biggest plays of the game at the end there, covering, what I think, is a very good football player. He learned from the first one, took care of it the second time and did a pretty good job. He's just got to keep coming. You have to play and play and play and get that experience under your belt. He's got a couple good teachers, plus Coach Gibbs is a good teacher."

Q: Is there a way to get him more involved when Justin Houston comes back?
REID: "Yeah, we've gradually done that. We've given him more play time this year than we had in the past and kind of rotate him in there. I think it's been good for him, particularly for this situation where he's a full time guy. We'll see how it goes when Justin gets back in there, how the rotation goes."

Q: What did you see on that Kelce penalty? Was it fair?
REID: "Well, it was a weird one because (Travis) Kelce was the primary receiver on that route, so you're not going to pick anybody as the primary receiver. The defender backed out, I mean, you don't see that. He backed right – Kelce wasn't quite sure how to get around him – and they ended up colliding. He got called for a pick when he was the primary guy, so I haven't seen that happen too often. But, he did run into him. They did run into each other. Probably no different than (Ron) Parker's, when Parker ran into the receiver down towards the end of the game there and they didn't call it. Same type of situation, but that one didn't get called."

Q: How do you go about managing the personalities of big personality guys?
REID: "Well, listen, you have to let your personality show to play this game. You have to be able to do that, but within the framework of the scheme. Everybody does that different so you never want to take that part away from them. There are just certain things, like red lights. I don't like red lights, but I stop at them. You have to do that. That's two minutes of my life that's taken away but if I don't do that, I might kill myself and everybody that's involved, so you have to do certain things, right? It's important that players understand that, and everybody that's playing the game kind of understands that. There are certain things you have to do, but at the same time you put your own flavor on it."

Photos from Chiefs Week 14 matchup against the Chargers.

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