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Here's What We Learned From Andy Reid on Wednesday

Coach Reid spoke with the media on Wednesday

Injury report: *LB Tamba Hali, OL Jeff Allen, LB Justin Houston, OL Mitch Morse and WR De'Anthony Thomas will not practice on Wednesday. OL Ben Grubbs was placed on IR. *

OL Eric Fisher, LB Dee Ford, DL Allen Bailey and RB Charcandrick West returned to practice.

Head coach Andy Reid


**Q: Have there been any roster moves with Ben Grubbs going to injured reserve?
REID: "These were the roster moves, we brought (Daniel) Munyer back. He's a center/guard, so he'll be working in today. And then we put Reid Fragel on the practice squad – an offensive lineman from Ohio State. Those are predominately the things that have taken place."

Q: Charcandrick West will practice today?
REID: "Charcandrick will practice today."

Q: He's a full-go?
REID: "Yeah, he's full-go."

Q: Eric Fisher?
REID: "Eric's going to practice today."

Q: Allen Bailey?
REID: "Bailey, yeah, he's going to practice today."

Q: Dee Ford?
REID: "Yep, he's practicing."

Q: Is Dee Ford the next man up for Justin Houston?
REID: "Yeah. Dee's done a good job. He was working his way in there quite a little bit before he got hurt."

Q: Justin Houston is day-to-day? He could potentially play?
REID: "Yeah, it's day-to-day. He's made big improvements here over the last two days. That's a positive thing. We'll just see how he does."

Q: Was ball security something that Alex Smith brought with him or is it something you had to make sure he understood?
REID: "Turnovers, as far as interceptions go, that was something he's always been very good at. He's probably thrown the ball a little bit more here than he did before, so it was important that he maintained that. That's how he's wired, he understands it, he gets it. We always harp on the quarterbacks about ball security in the pocket, make sure that you protect the ball in the pocket, so you don't get strip-fumbles there."

Q: It's been remarkable how much ball security the team has had on the exchange this year.
REID: "Yeah, that's a game-to-game thing. You want to make sure that you keep focus on that. Again, that falls into that working your techniques and fundamentals, it's important that we do that. Again, this is on the road, a loud place, we have to make sure we're sharp with it when we go to Oakland."

Q: That win came at a price with all the injuries, this is a challenging week for you.
REID: "Yeah, listen, I really don't get into all that with the guys. The guys come in and they go; if you practice, you practice, if you can't, you can't and we roll. That's the approach we've taken and the guys are good with it. They battle like crazy to get themselves back and if they can't make it, they have trust in the guys around them that they'll step in and do a good job. We've kind of just left it at that. Nobody has to worry about it, you just go play, make sure you do your job and keep yourself right."

Q: With Ben Grubbs going to IR, does that mean Jarrod Pughsley was elevated to the active roster?
REID: "No, Munyer is on the active roster, just because of the center position."

Q: Why has this offense become your best scoring offense since you've been in Kansas City?
REID: "Listen, we're not even close to what we can be. I didn't realize that – I'm not big on all that stuff. I'll tell you, I think the offensive line has taken a certain attitude and it starts with them. I think it will always be that way in football as long as we're doing what we're doing here and not playing seven-on-seven. I think the offensive line, that's a big factor. I'd give credit to Coach (Andy) Heck, I'd give credit to those guys who have stepped in and battled. And they have to keep it up, that's how it rolls. You're as good as what you presented that last week and now you have to bring it again this week."

Q: Do you think you're less predictable with more options and more players that can beat you at a certain time?
REID: "We are mixing it up with different people – I've said that before. I'd be wrong to say no, I've said that before. The more people that are contributing, the more the defense has to account for these people. I think early, we were doing that, too. I'd have to go back and look at the numbers on it, but I think we were mixing it up a little bit there. Just doing a little bit better job up front, I think."

Q: On using the I-formation on Sunday:
REID: "Yeah, the NFL is always changing. If we live long enough and wait long enough – you and I are getting old – so it'll all come back around. That's how this thing works. We're lucky to have Sherm (Anthony Sherman) here, who knows how to do that with that fullback position. So we've been able to mix it in and out, we did a little bit more this past week."

Q: When you were doing your background research on Marcus Peters, were you able to get a sense on how much he loves Oakland?
REID: "Chris Ballard went out there to hang with him a little bit. And Oakland is a unique community. I had a chance to coach out there when I was young. It's a unique community, they're very, very close and prideful of what they've got there. He's part of that, part of that community. His family has been there a long time. Yeah, he is."

Q: On Derek Carr:
REID: "He's a good player, real good player. And he hasn't had to move far. Grew up in Fresno, went to Fresno State and now he's at Oakland. He's doing a heck of a job."

Q:  Are there any similarities between him and Alex?
REID: "They're their own guys. I'd probably leave it at that. They have their own styles."

Q:  Carr is getting the ball out quick, how much of that is his skill set?
REID: "Yeah, listen, he did that in college. I think they're feeding him things that he knows and feels comfortable with. He's executing. You look at their stats and they're right up there in the passing game stat. He does a pretty good job there."

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