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How the Kansas City Chiefs Do "Junk Food" Friday

Food and Fridays...name a more iconic duo.

Most people look forward to Fridays, but for the Kansas City Chiefs there's a little extra incentive—Junk Food Friday.

The NFL Network covered #ChiefsCamp Monday where Maurice Jones-Drew asked Coach Andy Reid and a few players just what Junk Food Friday entails.

"We've had to clean it up a little bit, the times are changing, but not too much," Reid said.

"They've definitely cleaned up, especially from the stories I've heard from back in the day," Alex Smith agreed.

But that doesn't stop the Chiefs from indulging on the good stuff.

"We still get the BBQ in there," Reid said. "When you're in Kansas City, you got to get the BBQ in there."

Smith named drop Joe's and Q39 as some of his favorite BBQ places.

Eric Berry stays loyal to his diet before a game—turning his Junk Food Friday into Macaroon Mondays or Tuesday Treats.

"I can't do it on Friday because the game is so close and I don't want to break my diet then, but they got a lot of good bakeries out here in Kansas City," Berry explained.

He followed up with a mouth-watering example of what you can find at some of his favorite bakeries—Sasha's and Dolce.

"At Dolce, they got oatmeal cream pies with the real oatmeal cookies, you feel me, so they got that with the homemade cream filling," Berry laughed. "So many different things, you can just go in and there's macaroons, I mean just everything."

Spencer Ware has a different kind of sweet tooth.

"I don't really like sweets like that, but if I eat sweets, it's definitely Gushers," Ware said.

Ware then explained the rest of the team dives in on cookies and brownies most of the time.

"This one time I think it was this giant pie cookie…I don't know what it was," Ware said. "I don't know if it was bread or what, but I just stick to my fruit snacks."

By the end of the interviews, NFL Network's Jones-Drew was wishing it was Friday.

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