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ICYMI - Recap: 12/22

Keeping you in the know of all the coverage


Top 5 Headlines 12/22: How the Chiefs Can Make the Playoffs
Daily headlines to keep you up-to-date on the latest Chiefs news from local and national media. READ MORE.

Chiefs vs. Steelers: Postgame Facts and Stats
Facts and stats from Sunday's game against the Steelers. READ MORE.

Chiefs Defense Rose to Challenge on Sunday
The Chiefs defense answered the call on Sunday against the NFL's top offense. READ MORE.

Chiefs vs. Steelers: Game Takeaways
The Kansas City Chiefs lost 20-12 to the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field. READ MORE.

Chiefs vs. Steelers Snap Counts: Albert Wilson Leads WRs
Taking a look at the playtime percentages against the Steelers. READ MORE.


Kansas City Chiefs vs the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 21, 2014


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