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Jamaal: "Hard work pays off"

Jamaal describes his Sunday performance, playing alongside Alex Smith and more

Describe the Raider fans:

Jamaal: "Their fans get into the game so much that they go crazy; they love their team."

The TD that wasn't a screen pass, you had a linebacker on you on that third-down play, did you see that one coming?

Jamaal: "I saw that one coming in practice; coach said this probably could go, if they play the right cover on me and I saw the one linebacker on me and I knew I had to beat one guy and that's what he said, 'You're going to have to beat just one guy on this play' and I did. The coaches do a great job of putting me in position and it was a blessed day for me to have probably the best game of my career. Shout-out to coach Reid for putting me in the right spot and to Alex Smith for putting me in the right position as well."

Walk us through your TD receptions:

Jamaal: "I thought I was going to get hugged on, during the screen plays, and I was surprised when I saw nobody on me; I was like 'Whoa, I have to go'. Especially on the third-and-long one, I was surprised; it was a screen going across to the other side, so, the other guy, who was hugging me, he got caught up in the line and I think that's how I got so free, because I started from one side and went to the other side and got to catch the ball."

You were on an historic pace, during the game; did you want to stay in?

Jamaal: "I was ready to go back in the game. Coach said stay loose and if we broke one loose, Knile Davis was supposed to kneel at the one-yard line and they were going to let me go in, but it didn't happen. Everything happens for a reason and I'm thankful to have a game like this; thanks to God for blessing me today."

On playing with QB Alex Smith:

Jamaal: "It's fun playing with Alex [Smith], playing with a quarterback that can run the ball and take pressure off me, and throw the ball, when we need it in crucial situations. He motivates us so much in the huddle. We need a quarterback to lead way and Alex has been doing it the whole year and the offense has been doing great. We've gained so much confidence in the last four weeks and we feel like we can put points on anybody we play."

On clinching the playoffs:

Jamaal: "I think we've worked so hard; Andy Reid coming here, we've put so much work in the offseason and training camp. That just shows you how hard work pays off and every guy in that locker room has worked their tail off and now we make it the playoffs and that's what I told those guys, 'Hard work pays off and if we keep working this way, we can go far.'"

On the importance of his health:

Jamaal: "I wouldn't say I've lost anything; I'm just getting in the groove of football. Some people find their peak at the beginning of the season and some people find their peak at the end of the season. I'm known as a player that as the season goes on, I get stronger and stronger and I just want to continue to do that and stay healthy, because a big part of this team depends on me. When I'm healthy, this offense can go a long way and this team can go a long way, so I have to just take care of my body and hopefully, we can go all the way."

Where did your TD dance come from?

Jamaal: "After I tore my ACL, I just came up with the idea that every time I touch the ball, I just wipe the haters off of me, especially the people that said I would never come back from my ACL or said I would never be the same. So, I make sure I wipe it off for the people that doubted me and doubted my ACL. I try to wipe my ACL down too, to let them know that I have haters out there. That's the thing I came up with and I hope I can keep wiping it down."

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