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Jimmy Wilson Excited to Join "Confident" Chiefs Defense

The transcript from Wednesday's conference call


Adam Teicher (ESPN): Tell me about what you see your role being here with the Chiefs.

WILSON: "I've got to go and talk with John Dorsey and Al Harris and Emmitt Thomas and all those guys, they just want guys that can go out there and play. Nowadays in the NFL, you've got to use quite a few DBs to get all the packages and stuff. Honestly, I just think the way I've been brought up and my career has gone, I'm willing to help the team any way I can, no matter where they want to put me or use me. I'm here to help. I appreciate being on the Kansas City Chiefs."

Teicher: I know you played with Sean Smith down in Miami, so did you talk to him or anyone else about what the Chiefs had going on here?

WILSON: "Yeah, I actually did. I talked to Sean, we've kept in contact ever since we'd been in Miami. We're real good friends and he only spoke highly of the organization and how it was there. Also, I played with Brandon Flowers last year at San Diego, and he just told me, you know, I'm in a great place and the way the defense is here and the way the whole team and organization treats you is going to be a good fit for me."

Teicher: So he put in a good word for the Chiefs?

WILSON: "Oh, definitely."

Teicher: Were the Chiefs your only opportunity?

WILSON: "Well, you get a few other calls, but once I got the call from the Chiefs, one of my old DB coaches, Al Harris is over there, from talking to him, I already know what kind of guy he is. He told me how good the situation could be, just because of the guys you have on the team and the leadership you've got there in the locker room and the organization, period. It was like a real breath of fresh air."

Teicher: The Chiefs have done a nice job helping some veteran safeties to get their careers back on track, so is that something you've paid attention to?

WILSON: "Yeah, actually, as the record is, they signed guys to one year deals who have gone and jump started their career back, and I think it's a culture there that they develop and all the guys compete. You can see how well just the young rookie (Marcus) Peters came in, and I'm pretty sure he's always been a great player, but you get in the right system and the right team and teammates and your challenge can come to the front, and I think that's one of the reasons he had a great year last year."

Teicher: You feel like this is a pretty good system for your talent?

WILSON: "Yeah, I definitely do. Even when we were out, when I played with the Chargers last year, we came up there to play, everything from the town that Friday, to the field and the game and the atmosphere there, every time I play there I have had one of those feelings that you really feel like you're in the NFL. Credit goes to the fans in Kansas City and the organization that they have great players and take care of their fans."

Terez Paylor (Kansas City Star):In your career, when you've had the most success, are you more of a box player or a coverage safety in the back four?

WILSON: "Probably around 2013 or 2014, I was able to play every position on defense, from corner to nickel to safety. I think just being in the game, you have to have that confidence in your other teammates for you to really play well in the NFL. Those years with the Dolphins, I really had full confidence in my ability and we had a lot of trust on the field, and I think that helped me play my best. Anywhere on the defense – I've been playing defensive back my entire life and I've played every position in the NFL that you can play back there, from dime to corner to nickel, safety – when you have a good team, that's where you really flourish."

Paylor:How much have you played nickel the last couple of years?

WILSON: "My first four years I was primarily a nickel cornerback. I'm very comfortable with it, just getting some talk on the system, I feel comfortable with it, the base stuff that they're putting in here. Maybe in sub-down coverages, if that's how everything shakes out, I'll be able to get down there and cover the slot. And, like I said, do whatever they need me to do. I'm just trying to earn my way on the team and get respect from the guys here and the coaches and show them that they didn't waste a chance on me."

BJ Kissel ( fans that haven't seen you play, how would you describe your style of play?

WILSON: "I'm the type of guy that's here to make the big play, I want to go for the ball. That's what it's about, getting turnovers at any opportunity – whether the ball is in the air or a guy's carrying it loose, I'm going to be attacking the football. I'm just going to be an aggressive player. I have the ability to make plays on the ball and that's what I plan to do."

Kissel:From an outsider's perspective, what stands out to you when you watch the Chiefs defense and how much are you looking forward to joining those guys?

WILSON: "Well it all starts up front. The Chiefs have one of the best defensive lines over the last I-don't-know-how-many years. I think just that pressure alone on the quarterback and the veteran linebackers they have playing there helps the athletic and talented secondary do their thing – the opportunity to pick off balls. Just the confidence that they play with; my buddy, like I said, Sean Smith was here last year and just the confidence that he was playing with. Just being with him for the few years that I was, I could tell that he was having fun and that they appeared to be a confident defense. It allows you to make plays and trust yourself."

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