Activities for Classroom

Start a jar that you fill with a penny every time you notice a kind act. When you do notice a kind act, announce that act to the kids — then show them that you are adding a penny.

Write letters of appreciation to school teachers, librarians, custodial staff, etc.

Have each student write his or her name at the top of a blank piece of paper. Then, tape each student's piece of paper to their back. Have students walk around the room and write one positive thing about each person on their piece of paper. At the end, have students partner up and read each other's papers out loud to each other. They will love hearing all of the nice things others have said about them!

Have students make a fun craft specifically for one of their classmates for no particular reason. Make sure that every student is selected to receive a craft.

Discussion Questions for Home

Do you typically tell people if something is bothering you? Why or why not?

What if someone told you that they felt dread, sadness or not like themselves – how could you help them?

What are some ways that you have shown compassion or kindness towards your friends? Strangers? Someone who is hurt? Someone who has less than you?

What are different ways that you try to make people feel welcome or a part of your group/ classroom/team?

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