Activities for Classroom

Draw a self-portrait.

Listen to or learn a song in a different language.

Hold a multi-cultural day & eat food from a different culture.

Make a homemade passport, and teach the students about different countries and cultures.

Learn how to say "Thank You" in multiple languages.

Research money from around the world, and draw pictures of coins and bills from the currency.

Write or draw what you have in common with someone who looks different than you.

Write or draw some differences that exist between someone who looks different than you.

Research different holidays that are celebrated in different countries & cultures.

Discussion Questions for Home

Do you think that your race defines your identity?

Do you think that people try to change their identity to fit in with different groups/individuals? Why?

What is power? What/who gives people power?

Do you think power is given to one person or should it be given to multiple people? Why?

What power do you think could end racism?

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