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Latest NFL Power Rankings: Where Do Chiefs Sit After First Loss of Season?

Are they still No. 1?

The Kansas City Chiefs lost their first game of the season Sunday afternoon, falling to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 19-13, at Arrowhead Stadium.

Despite the loss, the Chiefs remain one of only two teams in the NFL with at least five wins, with the other being the Philadelphia Eagles, who fell to the Chiefs in Week 2, 27-20.

As is always the case on Tuesday mornings, the experts from all the national platforms came out with their latest NFL power rankings.

So, the question became—even with the loss—did the Chiefs remain No. 1 again this week?

The answer: yes.

Here's what Analyst Elliot Harrison had to say:

"The Chiefs finally fall in the standings, but not in the Power Rankings. Kansas City was bound to lose at some point…"

Click here for Harrison’s full breakdown, which has some interesting information when looking at just how impressive the Chiefs have been this year, particularly their quality of wins.

The Chiefs have three wins against teams currently ranked in their top seven.

The Eagles are ranked at No. 2 (Chiefs beat them 27-20 in Week 2), the Patriots are No. 6 (Chiefs beat them 42-27 in Week 1), and the Washington Redskins are ranked No. 7 (Chiefs beat them 29-20 in Week 4).

Rounding out the rest of their games, the Texans are ranked No. 14 (Chiefs beat them 42-34 in Week 5), and finally, the Los Angeles Chargers are ranked No. 20 (Chiefs beat them 24-10 in Week 3). The Steelers are ranked No. 4 after their win over the Chiefs last Sunday.

The folks at Sports Illustrated also had the Chiefs at No. 1, with them picking up seven of a possible 12 first-place votes.

Finally, the folks over at ESPN also have the Chiefs at No. 1 again this week.

Here's what they had to say:

"The undefeated season is over, and if the Chiefs want to bounce back from a 13-point effort against the Steelers, they'll have to do it on the road. They travel to Oakland, Dallas and New Jersey to face the Giants for three of their next four."

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