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Laying the Foundation: How the Chiefs are Prepared to Handle Distractions

The Chiefs utilized last week to lay the foundation for their Super Bowl game plan

With the Super Bowl set to kick off on February 12, the Kansas City Chiefs didn't waste the bye week between the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl. In fact, the Chiefs utilized this past week to lay the foundation for their game plan against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"We are doing the game plan now," said Head Coach Andy Reid when asked to describe the happenings at One Arrowhead Drive last week. "You can take your time and make sure you're nice and thorough – we didn't rush into it."

Utilizing last week to develop and introduce the game plan at the Chiefs' facility was key to Kansas City's strategy in preparing for Super Bowl LVII. That's because while the festivities that take place during the week of the game can be fun and exciting, they can also be distracting. The environment represents a significant break from the Chiefs' weekly routine, but by attacking this past week as if they were going to play on Sunday, Coach Reid ensured that the foundation was set.

"Before you get down to Arizona, with the distractions and different events that go on, you'd like to at least have the base part [of the game plan established]. If you have to tweak [aspects of the game plan] here or there, you can do that," Coach Reid said. "It's relatively calm and normal here [in Kansas City] – so, let's get it done."

The Chiefs managed to achieve that goal last week, and now on the ground in Arizona, they'll continue to refine their preparations amid their other obligations. There is still a lot of work to be done, and it's imperative that the players and coaches remain focused throughout the week.

"Each coach will have an office that they can focus in. Players will have meeting rooms, so they can focus when they are in there," Reid explained. "We want to get it done here [in Kansas City] – get the foundation of it put in here – and then, when we're down there, we can go back and review it."

Every play is magnified in the Super Bowl, and any edge that the Chiefs can garner prior to kickoff is well worth it. It may seem simple, but Kansas City's usage of the bye week reflects the experience and understanding that comes with a veteran coaching staff.

Now, having a foundation established already, the coaches and players will continue to refine their preparations over the next several days leading up to Super Bowl LVII in the hopes of securing the franchise's third Lombardi Trophy. There will be distractions abound, but the Chiefs' ability to maintain their collective focus may very well be the difference in the end.

"The Super Bowl week is special – it's a special week – but it's not about being down there the week of the Super Bowl, it's about winning the game," said quarterback Patrick Mahomes. "I want guys to keep that at the front of mind. Enjoy it – enjoy the whole entire week – but make sure you're prepared to go out there and play your best football as well."