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Locker Room Sound 10/17

Players talk with the media in the locker room following walk through

Q:What is more enjoyable for you? To blow past an offensive lineman and get a quarterback sack or just stone him and stop the run?

POE:"Both. As long as it's a stop, it's pretty enjoyable on my part."

Q: When you have Allen Bailey and Justin Houston surrounding you, how much does that free up what you want to do?

POE:"A lot, a lot. We help each other as we can. Whatever one-on-ones I get, I try to win, whatever one-on-ones they get, they try to win. So you can't double everybody. So playing beside those guys is helping me a lot."

Q: The Chargers ran the ball a lot against the Raiders. Are you expecting more of the same this week? POE:"Yeah, that's their kind of team now. They really changed their identity. All of their running backs are playing really well I think, so now it's time to get it together and we've got to play as a defense to try and slow them down."

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