Looking at the NFL Playoff Scenarios for this Weekend

Seven teams can clinch a playoff spot this week

The NFL has released its playoff scenarios for Week 15, and included among the seven teams that can clinch a playoff spot are the Kansas City Chiefs (10-3), who can earn a postseason trip for the third time in four years under Andy Reid with a victory over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday.

The Chiefs would be looking at their second straight trip to the playoffs under Reid and company, as they picked up their first playoff win in more than two decades last year with the 30-0 rout of the Houston Texans in the AFC Wild Card game.

With three games left to play in the regular season, the Chiefs are in the driver's seat to pick up a first-round bye and to host at least one playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium, but they'd need to continue to take care of business over the next three weeks for that to be a possibility.

That said, there's something to the idea that the Chiefs don't need help from anybody else right now to achieve their goals. They control their playoff future and location.

There are ways in which the Chiefs can clinch a playoff spot without a victory on Sunday as well.

Here are the scenarios in which the Chiefs can earn a playoff spot this weekend:

1)      KC win

2)      KC tie MIA loss

3)      KC tie DEN loss or tie

4)      DEN loss BAL loss or tie

5)      DEN loss PIT loss or tie

While simply making the playoffs is far from the ultimate goal for this team, the fact that they have a chance to clinch with three weeks left just goes to show how far they've come over the past few years.

Per the NFL's director of football communications, Randall Liu, here is the full breakdown of playoff scenarios for this weekend's games.

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